What’s ‘blog’ in Welsh

The idea of writing (and perhaps more importantly, keeping) a blog has never been too high on my ever growing list of things to do. Reading this ‘interesting’ opening statement, I’d also completely forgive you for believing this is another pessimist’s darkened view on life…. You’re forgiven because you’re more than likely correct!
So, what’s a blog? Well from what I’ve read online, a blog is a sort of diary entry. Fine. Digon teg. Although having seen more than my fair share of ‘chick-flicks’, I also know how people get when their diary entries become public domain…. So not a diary entry then! Ideas, anyone? Maybe I should p**s SOPA off and Wiki it!?!
My next question…. In which language should one write his/her blog? Having received a degree in Welsh from Aberystwyth University, I should probably poke blah blah in ‘the language of the heavens’…. Should I not? At least I can be certain around 95% of my grammar will be correct! Must get the grammar right…. Pet hates- injustice, crap grammar and…. Hmm…. Poking him in the eyes! He loaths that.
Well, this has been fun. Here’s to the next one. Smiley face :)!


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