What’s ‘check this out’ in Manx Gaelic?

Making a habit of inserting questions in place of a general subject for my blogs, aren’t I?
Learning so many languages does wonderful things to you! It also presents the unfortunate side-effect of frazzling the mind, but that would be far too pessimistic to discuss, wouldn’t you agree?
Of late, my interests have turned to the language of the Isle of Man. ”Isn’t that English?”…. Why, yes, it most certainly is. But many amongst you will also have heard of Manx Gaelic.
Genuinely gorgeous language is this one. I’m a fan! A genuine linguistic mid-point between oral Irish and Scots Gaelic (haha, I said ‘oral’), with the added, perhaps biased, input of Welsh orthography. Beautiful!
So why am I boring people with this language which, according to the UN is ‘extinct’? Because I’m genuinely proud of myself. Wanna know why? Because I am 7th in a list of people using the language most on Twitter! Cool huh? Gets even cooler when you notice the first three are bots that automatically upload lines from the Bible every hour. And for risk of reigniting the same sort of anger that got John Lennon shot, I’ll hold back on what I think of the people denying me of 4th place in the list!
Feel free to follow me, by the way! @SteCymru14

Smiley face 🙂



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