What’s ‘critical’ in Chav?

My younger brother, my only younger brother, well…. He knows nothing! Seriously!
Now I’m obviously discouting such things as PS3s and something he calls ‘grass’ from this imaginary list of ‘nothing’ that resides between my brother’s ears and balances on his shoulders, but for all intents and purposes, let’s say he knows nothing.
Even still, I decided my next patient/victim on the long appointment lists that are the people who must read my blogs- would be my bro’!
He heard one…. And then rejected the fine prospect of hearing my points of view further.
Why? He said I was “too critical”!
Too critical?
He said I “blag people” because I am “too critical”.
His phone number is 07….
Ye’, I bet you were all ready to give him a piece of your mind. Phone in hand. Finger hovering still over the 7 key because you know that most UK mobile phone numbers in my area begin with 077- and my brother will probably have one of the local numbers. Yep, you’re thinking like me!
My word, look at the time, I’m waffling.
But it’s ok, don’t be ‘critical’…. Smiley face time! 🙂


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