What’s ‘Welsh’ in Kurdish?

Aside from being constantly critical and boring, I also eat! Yep, just like everyone else on the planet, I require food to live.
This über fact (see previous blog…. always wanted to say that!) reminded me of a recent experience in my life. Interested, I can tell! Hold on to your Welsh lady’s hats….
Whilst satisfying my take-away taste buds with 12″ of margaritan magic, (That’s 12″ in diameter, not length…. It wasn’t just a foot-long stick of Italian perfection), I was greeted by my Kurdish calorie delivery men in Welsh.
The reason my obviously part-time detective Kurdish friends knew to speak Welsh to me was because I had recently secured my first teaching post as a teacher of Welsh and had seen it best to tell the planet. Even the kebab house!
“Sut wyt ti? Ti’n iawn?” they said. And, I might add, continue to do so. I am regularly greeted by a bunch of Kurdish men speaking my nation’s tongue when the urge for garlic bread with cheese arises!
Now this is not a rant trying to make people suddenly go mad with Welsh passion and donate to S4C, sing Yma O Hyd at Wrexham matches and vote Plaid Cymru (who also welcome non-Welsh speakers to the tune of a 23% rise!…. Da iawn, nhw!), but it just asks whether…. No wait, yes it is a rant getting you to do those things…. Except the last one…. They kill badgers….

Quick, smiley face! Told you I’m not completely boring and dull!

Learn Welsh.


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