What’s ‘clever’ in Tabloid-ish?

Like many a resident of any Celtic nation,…. and Merseyside, I refuse to read the Sun.
I would sooner watch soup come to the boil on a low heat than read anything published by a bunch of attention seeking idiots- but I can’t help thinking, those lying gits aren’t half clever!
It was during a recent rant with some friends (I do other stuff aside from rant- believe it or not!) about a patriotic headline the Sun went with before the England vs Wales match at Wembley in 2011- “Don’t worry, darling. It’s only Wales”- that I pretty much used every term in an extensive thesaurus below the word ‘stupid’ to describe our friends at News International.
But how do they still command such a huge cut of those who read daily newspapers? How are they amongst the newspapers that sell best in Britain?
Because they know what the people want!
It just so happens that the ever increasingly illiterate people of this “Great” nation actually want cr*p! And the writers of the Sun have taken full advantage of this intrestin fact! (See how I wrote ‘interesting, then?)
Usually about now in my blogs I manage to find a loose tangent to what I’ve been talking about and shower more bulls**t over something else on my mind, but for now I’d just like to draw your attention to a song by Paolo Nutini. Search ‘paolo nutini sun’ in YouTube!


Smiley face 🙂


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