What’s ‘independence’ in Cornish?

Unfortunately for the Cornish language, I’ve been catching up with my Manx Gaelic lately. Now I’m not saying that my personal choice to learn a different endangered Celtic tongue means that now each of the other 5 or 6 will die a slow death, but…. well, they might!? :s
There will no doubt be a time once again when I return to flicking the pages of my many Cornish books to pick up a little more of the revived language, but until then they’re put away to stare at my mother from the corner of her living room- there were too many to move when I moved out!
So basically, they’ll be put away for a period of time. And, coincidentally, so should the idea of an ‘independent Cornwall’…. Except, in this case, put away indefinitely!
Shock, horror…. The over-patriotic ‘Celt’ has just committed a disgraceful act of anti-semitism…. If all residents of the Celtic nations were Jewish! So anti-Celtism, then.
Anyway, what a silly idea it is to split up the United Kingdom. Why? Because each separate ‘nation’, be it a kingdom, principality, whatever Northern Ireland is, or a duchy- would all fail without the others…. Possibly/probably even England too.
Obviously, this is a story currently effecting that blue lot beyond Hadrian’s collection of rocks, but it’s something that’s raised the heads of Plaid and Mebyon Kernow at the moment too. Like a small child at Christmas…. But in Britain, not just in Wales!
Should I have called this ‘What’s ‘independence’ in Scottish Gaelic?’? Possibly/probably.
Finally…. Rock on, Brittany – balls to France!
Luvz ya. Smiley face 🙂


2 thoughts on “What’s ‘independence’ in Cornish?

  1. Cornish independence is a fantastic thing and nothing to do with politics or geographical area…we just are independent, we see the world differently, have a different way of enjoying life, we do our own thing (often in a slightly dodgy way) and we use our independence wisely….back in the 90’s we all avoided paying any council tax to Maggie for two years- when the reintrodution of the Stannary courts failed we just “lost” all the forms…see, independent AND clever! And after all if we did become a nation in our own right we would do fine, we would just start charging all the buggers from elsewhere who choose to cross the Tamar bridge…
    PS liked the later post on shopping BUT disagree with the sweeping generalisation re women – I HATE SHOPPING!!!

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