What’s ‘victim’ in German?

Having recently become a ‘victim’ of the craze that is Twitter, I felt following Über Facts (@uberfacts – original, huh?) would be rather fun…. And don’t get me wrong, it most certainly is.
Consider this, over the past week I’ve learned that sex is better for waking you up in the mornings than coffee, Tiger Woods cheated over 120 times and Eddie Murphy has 8 children by 4 women…. Or something like that!
But aside from these highly interesting pieces of useless information, I also recall an über tweet insisting the word ‘idiot’ comes from Greek (I believe :s) meaning one who does not understand politics.
Now I would never pride myself on my political prowess, but I do find this hilarious. Just the fact that most people (often non-voters) choose to insist that politicians don’t understand what they’re doing…. Well, enough said, right? Politicians are idiots!?!
While on the subject of politics- I would like to make public the fact that despite being a proud Welshman who learned the language and holds a degree in the ancient (yet living) tongue, I DO NOT VOTE PLAID CYMRU AND NEVER WILL. This über fact seems to allude many a Welsh person who dares discuss politics with me. Listen up, I’d sooner punch a squirrel square in the face! And I’m 100% against cruelty to animals.
Coincidentally, this is the for the same reason I do not place a cross in any box accompanied by the words ‘Plaid Cymru’…. Badger killing, a**e holes!
Time for a smiley face, me thinks! 🙂


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