What’s ‘gay’ in Hebrew?

This Sunday morning, as most of my Sunday mornings pan out these days, I found myself watching The Big Questions on the BBC.
One question put to the 51% pro-independence public of Dùn Eidinn (Edinburgh) was whether same-sex marriage was right!?!
Why are we even discussing this? For me, being also an idea shared by many in this morning’s BBC audience, was that the Bible’s stance of being against gay marriage derives from the early ‘law’ and social outlook observed some 2,000 years ago. Now, in the 21st century, shouldn’t we embrace how society views such ‘topics’ as same-sex marriage and so adjust our modern cultures to satisfy this contemporary view?!
Despite not being religious in any way myself, I love the way religion holds respect at it’s moral core. And don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t rather join ‘God’ for a Sunday morning tea-party instead of watching Scottish people argue about who marries who?!
Just be whoever you want to be. Be yourself. And if that involves loving someone who is special to you, balls to anyone else who can’t respect that!
Taking an ‘open’ and perhaps modern view on things, we’re all off to whatever ‘Hell’ is anyway. And why? Consider this. Say I was a believer in the Sikh faith…. I’m automatically told by other religions that by not following their beliefs, I go to ‘hell’. See you all there with my smiley face 🙂


One thought on “What’s ‘gay’ in Hebrew?

  1. Excellent comments! We had a teacher once who used to tell the kids that if they weren’t born again christians they would go to hell and as one of the students said, good hell would be more fun anyway, I like that comment! How dare anyone tell us what to believe, the christians slaughtered load of innocent pagans anyway, so who are they to judge! Watch the film AGORA to see how christians behaved through history!

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