What’s ’14’ in binary?

Maths is brilliant. Well, I think so anyway. It’s so good that the only thing I ever learned from an Oxford English Dictionary bought for me as a 1996 Christmas gift was that the word ‘bard’ is of Celtic origin (madness!) and the ability to convert numerals into binary code (Even more mad! Yes, the dictionary had examples of binary in it)! I suppose this blog unfortunately has nothing more to do with binary code, but the number 14 does!
14 is my ‘lucky’ number, and this being my fourteenth blog, I guess that makes it a ‘lucky’ blog, right? Nope!
My recent decision to stop believing in ‘luck’ (if you can even ‘believe’ in it in the first place) is due to the fact that science can’t explain luck. Luck is…. Nothing. It’s life – stuff happens in life.
Yet I still insist on listing my rants under ‘SteCymru14‘s Smiley Faces’. And I continue to spend 1/6 of £1 on the number 14 as one of my ‘lucky’ weekly lottery numbers…. Still haven’t won that yet, guess I’m just unfortunate!
This follows on (kind of) to the fact my dad received a 33% drop in an aeroplane fare because it flew on Friday 13th. Winner! But do you know what this tells me? That there are people out there who actually refuse to fly on this day! What the f**k, like? I can just imagine some idiot reading the Sun with washing up gloves on in case of paper cuts and avoiding the use of any electrical items in case they explode and terminate all life on the planet!
Just because on a cold, October evening in 1307 (that’s 10100011011 in binary) some men wearing rags depicting a red cross on a white background were slaughtered whilst sleeping it doesn’t mean we need to get up sweating over how bad our ‘luck’ is going to be on that day.
Again, the slaughterings of those who bear the George cross have not happened in over 700 years, so chill out! Otherwise the people of Barcelona, Milan, Georgia, St Petersburg and England (as well as those who suffer with syphilis) would need to keep one eye open at night! Ooh, Google ‘St George’ to see what else he’s patron saint of! Rather funny!
Also I think there’s a machine called the DS1307 that does something with binary code…. How ‘lucky’ is that?
Red smiley face on white background 🙂


One thought on “What’s ’14’ in binary?

  1. 1110 is 14… Binary to decimal is simple to learn actually. 1 is 1, 2 is 10, 3 is 11, 4 is 100. It is like counting with 2 digits

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