What’s ‘eu/maent/ene’ in English?

Those of you with the ability to speak (North East) Welsh will have already uttered the words “here we go, another rant on grammar”!
For those who don’t speak the ancient tongue of the sheep sh***ers, I’m talking about ‘there/their/they’re’!
And now the rest of you utter “here we go, another rant on grammar”!
Equality. Lovely!
As a child of technology I’m aware, perhaps more than most, that shortening words in tweets, statii or text messages are common place in today’s world. But I still feel that basic grammar should be even more common place when writing and/or ranting!
It really gets on my nerves reading such things as ‘their all intelligent,’ ‘they’re is a well written tweet’ and ‘there not clever enough’. Even the Sun can manage to distinguish between those three beauties!
English, just like mathematics, science and Welsh, are core subjects in Welsh education today- so how can mistakes still be seen cropping up and pi***ng me off? I’ve been told that so long as people can distinguish between them when writing things that ‘matter’, then Facebook and Twitter users shouldn’t bother themselves with cringing over grammar! Good point, but how many can actually do it when it ‘matters’? And when does it ‘matter’?
In my view, it’s down to how much we read. Reading, like music, is food for the soul – and there just isn’t enough of it happening these days.
Now *their*’s a nice time to thank Amazon for it’s Kindle with a smiley face 🙂


One thought on “What’s ‘eu/maent/ene’ in English?

  1. Oh god, I’m going to have to spell check everything I tweet now because you seem to be a grammar and spelling Nazi!!! Not good for someone like me who is dyslexic and ambidextorous, god I can’t spell that either!!

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