What’s ‘food’ in Africa(n)?

Master Chef, great show. Always been a fan of watching what people can do with food, me. I do give it a go once in a while but I always seem left with an angry expression on my face and then a couple of rounds of toast stuffed into it!
Watching the show the other day, though, I felt my anger stem from another source…. Food critics!
Who the f***ing hell do these people think they are? To pass judgement on something so globally necessary as food, and do so with a bit of it sitting in their pompous beards to be presumably saved for later!?!
So I had an idea. Let’s send the lovely people to a place where food is never looked upon as criticise-able. Let’s send the a**eholes to Africa.
Granted, that may well be a stereotypical choice of land on my part in which to send them, but for the purpose of drawing this blog to a close sooner rather than later, we’ll stick with Africa!
I love the idea of them arguing that aid packs require a pinch more salt, or basil was the wrong herb to use in one of those gel-meals.
Should food be criticised by people like Charles Campion who should stick to their day job as Peter Griffin from Family Guy? Especially after various aid leaves the faces of so many needy people covered in crumbs and a smiley face 🙂


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