What’s ‘Patrick’ in Irish Gaelic?

Pádraig. Blog over!
Na, you’re not that fortunate. Especially given that I found out a few years ago that the patron saint of modern day intoxication was in fact a Welshman.
I’ve heard various stories of how Padrig (to give his probable Welsh name) was taken from Prytein (Britain) early in his life and brought to Ir Werdon (>Iwerddon i.e. Ireland). But however this happened, he was Welsh.
Now, when considering that Dewi Sant (St David) was believed by many to have been Irish by birth, I propose a swap?!
This is no way saying that I think Wales requires further excuses to go out drinking uncontrollably and probably therefore withstand an even higher rate of underage pregnancies, but just simply taking into account basic nationality through birth – we should be wearing our vegetables and yellow flowers 16 days later than when we usually do! That’s all I’m proposing! I think it’s common fact that most people with the ability to speak the Welsh language do so when they’ve had Guinness, Magner’s or Bailey’s poured down their throats! It would be linguistically sane! We’d all be bilingual – using English by day, and Welsh by night! And us Welsh teachers would have to teach hiccups and burps as part of the Welsh Second Language GCSE system instead of the LL that sounds like a p***ed off kitten. Smiley face! 🙂


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