What’s ‘protestant’ in Latin?

“Let’s go to the pub!” – a bomb-shell dropped by many a good pal every now and again. Why is it a “bomb-shell”? Because I never have enough bloody change!
Don’t get me wrong, the modern world in which we live allows us to use our plastic to pay for most things we desire these days. I’m just not a fan of taking my plastic anywhere that might see me being anything other than sober. My time in university taught me this…. The hard way!
So I found myself destroying my ceramic pig. He had a Liverpool FC crest on him too. I feel ashamed.
Tangent alert!
Whilst wading through the vast mountains of various pennies and pounds, some not even British – there was one from the Isle of Man, for example – I decided to read what Llantrisant’s finest depicts upon it’s coinage!
Here’s the fun part. My currently weak Latin is still good enough to guess that the above translates as something like ‘God’s Grateful, the Queen, Defender of the Faith.’…. Or something like that. Isn’t it sweet?!
No! No it bloody well isn’t! The presumption made by the fact it’s in Latin is that F.D. relates to the defence of the CATHOLIC Faith. I wasn’t even sure that an heir may rise to the throne of England should they be anything other than a Protestant!? A bit like saying I have no right to teach Welsh because my mother was born in Chester. Highly contradictory, me thinks! A bit like the Bible…. and most of my blogs. I think I might be God?!
Now why shouldn’t that demand a smiley face? 🙂


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