What’s ‘sorry’ in Cumbric?

Very rarely do I aim abuse at an individual. I’d never do it in real life, face-to-face situations, and neither would I do it on here. I’d much rather hurl abuse at groups of people (who, with hindsight, would probably cause me more physical and emotional damage) than any one person – whoever they might be.
Now, Charles Campion may be sitting at home reading this having read one of my previous chin wags (wink!) on criticising food saying that I was slightly harsh towards him, but I was using him as a pin-up to represent all food critics…. Understand?
And that long-winded above introduction leads me to this! Anthony ap Anthony is an idiot! And I don’t mean ‘idiot’ as one who doesn’t understand politics! I mean a genuine, modern-sense of the word, self-aggrandised idiot!
For years now, Anthony has taken it upon himself to be the only man in the world who has the ‘divine’ right to lead the Cumbric language revival. Self acclaimed, of course – and most humans involved in divinity/religion can relate to that!
I emailed Anthony a few years ago asking about Cumbric. I thought it was great that an ancient language lost around a thousand years ago could possibly be brought back to some sort of life. The question I put to Anthony in my most polite (honestly, it was very polite) teenage choice of words involved his system of mutations- or lack of! Background research on work by Kenneth Jackson shows that initial consonant mutations in the Celtic languages are likely to have begun annoying users of the languages in which they existed as early at the 7th century, many years before Cumbric sighed it’s last breath. So I presumed asking whether he should change some of his YouTube video (second link at the foot of this blog) to coincide with other Brythonic consonant changes would be an interesting topic for discussion. All I received in return, however, was a rather cold message saying it was all his reconstruction and he could use what he liked. Treat thy neighbour…. etc!
Even Joseph Biddulph in his book ‘A Handbook of West Country Brythonic: The Forgotten Celtic Tongue of South West England c.700 A.D. (Old Devonian)’ from 1996 admits that his reconstructions of Deunansek Koth (Old Devonian) may not be all correct. I, personally, question the spelling systems he suggests for the Celtic language of Devon due to the fact that more hardened plosives would have been present in the 8th century, should the language have ever made it to paper (for example BREIDH (Britain) could have been BREID with the hardening of ‘d’ to /δ’/ when spoken only). So why am I not ranting about this man too? Because he admits to having flaws and doesn’t leave the door closed to others who want to research his reconstructions further. He’s not a child, basically!
Look, I’m sure Anthony is a good man. His heart is most definitely in the right place and I guess there’s a far better way of getting my points here across than calling someone an idiot. What’s ‘sorry’ in Cumbric?
Oooh, and what’s ‘smiley face’ in Cumbric? Do they use emoticons up there too? 🙂

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI2HWD-Yhxc (Check out my comment on this – SteCymru14)


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