What’s ‘the point’ in Welsh?

Cool title, huh? Dual meanings etc etc!
In a previous blog I decided to tell you all how it’s believed that in the next 100 years, a mere 3 of the world’s 7,001 or so languages will remain. And so, despite my current enjoyment of it, this does make me question my job!
I am a teacher of Welsh in a school located about 500 yards from the English border. It’s a brilliant school and despite it’s geographic location has a great attitude towards the Welsh culture and language.
But with the prospect of a language deemed bleak with the possibility of it’s death during this century, how safe is my job? I’m not saying I’ll be teaching Welsh in 100 years, but those who believe in a Spanish/Mandarin/English world declined to state how soon the likes of Welsh would take within the next 100 years to eventually baseline on the operating table of conversation.
And it raises the question, what’s the point? Now I’d argue that religion is slowly losing it’s grip on modern society too- so would I be right in telling all religious education teachers to start sweating also?
Comedian David Mitchell raises an excellent point about the Gaelic language of the Gaeltachd (Scottish Highlands) arguing that a language would be better off having survived as a means of communication on it’s own accord, rather than having had to have been fought for and had millions of whatever currency Scotland may or may not choose to deal in after 2014 spent on it!…. And he is a relation of John Forbes, a leading minister and expert on the Gaelic language a couple of hundred years ago.
If he was born 100 years from now, he’d soooo be out of a job. And there’d be no smiley face from him 🙂


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