What’s ‘annoying’ in Italian?

I’ve genuinely seen my arse! And for those of you not hailing from North East Wales/Cheshire, this expression (unlike it’s literal facade) means I’m annoyed!
Why? I hear you ask! *Cough cough*! Because today I decided it best to entertain a bunch of year 7 students with YouTube. Now, I think it’s right to point out that this was at dinner time- and I wasn’t showing the world’s collection of public media in an actual lesson!
So what did I decide to show? A video admired by a certain lady I know…. A baby monkey riding backwards on a pig! Yep, you heard me!
Now I shall decline adding a link to this YouTube travesty itself at the foot of this blog so that I can take no account for my readers watching it. If you want to see it, search it yourselves! Hopefully this explains clearly enough whether I agree with her apparent love for the video or not!
Without spoiling too much (as if the title doesn’t explain enough), it’s a small monkey riding backwards on possibly a pot-belly pig, together with a soundtrack that makes you feel as if Edward f***ing Scissorhands is tickling your ear lobes.
I hate the video. It annoys me beyond belief. Year 7s…. Obviously…. Loved it! If singing the bloody song repeatedly wasn’t enough, acting out the video as best they could was the icing on the cake of annoying-ness. And yes, that’s a real word!
During my next lesson, I found myself humming the tune – only to be followed by swearing at myself (non-verbally, of course) with words that can only be described as out and out vulgarity.
Please do feel free to watch the video, but do NOT do the following three things:

* watch it again,
* blame me if it annoys you, and
* have the soundtrack as your f***ing ring tone.

Get rid of it, please!

Forced smiley face 🙂


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