What’s ‘it all about’ in [insert random language here]?

As you may have worked out from the apparent lack of imagination in the title of this blog, it doesn’t have much to do with languages. And I like languages. They’re cool!
So what could I possibly be going on about here?
Honestly, I have no idea. Consider this a crappy song by your favourite artist written only for the purpose of being a ‘filler’ on their latest album!
I just thought I might explain myself a little. And the explanation for feeling the need to “explain” myself? Well, I don’t want you all thinking I’m a moaning, grumpy git! Well, not JUST a moaning, grumpy git anyway.
Ok well I’m 22 (until mid-March) and waaayyyy too cynical for my own ‘youthful’ good! I like languages (mainly of the Celtic variety), murdering songs with the aid of my ukelele and…. Erm…. Cheese. Cheese is nice!
I’m a Welsh teacher, teaching through the medium of English- which isn’t as cringe-worthy as you might initially expect. I guess knowing students leave my classes with a little bit more knowledge of their native tongue than when they walked in is nothing short of gold dust to me.
I appreciate the small things in life – no inuendo / pun intended. I’m just me! And who can blame me for that?…. Apart from me!
I now feel like I need to insult some group of people or organisation that annoy me so that my blogs maintain their ‘unique’ element of being idiotic and mildly racist (at times), but I shan’t.
Oooh no wait…. People who believe in the supernatural (you know those people who think that having Tinkerbell tattooed an inch above their bums is cool?) are stupid! Why not appreciate life for it’s natural beauty and earthly mystery instead of pegging it down with your ‘beliefs’ in fairies and f***ing unicorns! I bet you all think that munching on some rare leaf is better to clear a headache than taking a bloody ibuprofen, don’t you? Well it isn’t. Eating rare leaves merely makes them ever more endangered and probably leaves a weird taste in your mouth too. Pipe down, for Allah’s sake! Or God’s. Or Zeus’. Or the Queen of the Fairies’! For whoever’s sake, shut up!
There we are, much better!
Supernatural smiley face 🙂


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