What’s ‘cold’ in French?

Anyone have a thermometer I can lend? I’m actually freezing.
Having said that, I’m a very appreciative person (see previous blog) and I’m grateful for even the tiniest things in life – like a ‘hello’ from a stranger in the street, for example. I like that! This appreciation only expanded when I was genuinely made up with the fact that securing my first teaching post involved me having my own teaching room! It’s awesome. I get to have my own resources / language posters on the walls, as well as my choice of the best pieces of work produced under my guidance.
Despite this, it’s a mobile! Now I can only apologise to a Swedish friend of mine who guessed that this involved me teaching from inside a giant phone! I can assure her, and everyone else, this is not the case. A mobile is like…. Well, it’s like an outdoor mud-hut. And it’s cold!
I’m fully aware that it’s impossible to control the weather but having recently discovered that the name of my room, TC4, is an abbreviation for Temporary Classroom 4, and the Welsh department “should” be upstairs (and indoors) with the other languages (like French) taught here, I’m annoyed!
Now then, using the awesome tape measure of truth that is WikiAnswers, I know that the Sun (id est; a star fusing 620,000,000 metric tons of hydrogen per bloody second) is a mere 92,955,887.6 miles from the Earth. The surface is burning to the fiery tune of a massive 5762 degrees Kelvin – so how in hell (where I sort of wish I was right now) am I still cold? It’s for this reason I’m slightly tempted to believe in God- because science really has f***ed me over this time!
Praying for a heatwave here…. Smiley face for God! 🙂


One thought on “What’s ‘cold’ in French?

  1. Again, I can sympathise, I too have been in a TC but I think my heating was a lot better, to be fair! I did have to put up with 18 months of building of the sports hall tho and there were days were I couldn’t hear myself think in there cos of the banging and drilling and truck deliveries! Hey, if you’re here in Penley another few years you may get your own room inside, it only took me 6 years!! 🙂

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