What’s ‘stressed’ in Welsh?

Yet again I’ve chosen to begin my blog with a question easily answered by one of the 750,000 speakers of Welsh scattered about the world. The reason the blog bears it’s name is…. Well, because I’m stressed!
Being stressed, I’d forgive those who think this blog will be more of a coordinated rant at something like, I don’t know, people who claim to be Welsh yet don’t speak Welsh – but, honestly, I’d never do that anyway. Just because one doesn’t speak the language never makes them any less Welsh than those who do speak it!
Nope, this is merely an unnecessary collection of words explaining that I’m rather strained at present. Oh, and also it’s a chance for some kind fellows out there to drop me some aid in de-stressing…. Or just sympathy…. Or both! I’d rather both!
Unfortunately everything stressing me out involves Welsh in some way. Whether that be work, tutoring or merely pondering the future outlook of the language, it’s tough to switch off from.
Anyone else get this? Stressing out because of a language? No? Didn’t think so!
Fake smiley face 🙂


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