What’s ‘banker’ in Old Welsh?

Typos. One has to love them. Be them an accidental slip of the hand whilst writing an essay due for the next morning…. Or maybe your annoying cat simply decided his best route to reach the toilet for a drink is across the keys of your laptop; typos happen! And they’re brilliant!
They’re also a relatively new thing. I mean, they were unheard of when I was a lad. We never could use them as an excuse for making spelling mistakes with our homework…. And because of this, we were often told to bloody re-do it! Whereas kids today have it easy. They can write sock as cock and all us teachers can do is look upon them with an understanding smiley face…. With silently whispered vile words in our minds!
It was a recent typo by myself that got me thinking, though. Easily done due to the fact they’re situated right next to each other on a standard QWERTY keyboard, I wrote ‘badge’ beginning with a ‘v-‘. Haha, very funny…. No it isn’t…. I wrote ‘vadge’. But, like I said, it got me thinking.
Now the Spanish and Catalunyans regularly replace a written ‘b’ with a ‘v’ sound when speaking. Furthermore, all 6 of the living Celtic languages at some point mutate ‘B’ to a ‘V’ (both orthographically and verbally)- Welsh: bach>fach, Manx: beg>veg, and so on!
Old Welsh from the 7th century regularly loaned Latin words from their uninvited Roman ‘guests’ and changed the Latin ‘b’ to a nasal ‘v’ /:ß/, with Old Irish then seeing this change to a ‘w’ /:w/ sound. Claidb (Old Irish: sword) pron. /cla’ðw/. Just like Germans pronouncing Week as Veek! Understand?
My final point being are we allowed to refer to Bankers as W***ers? And people named Billy…. How might they cope? But there’s another blog!
Linguistic masterpiece smiley face 🙂


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