New titles, new outlook on life?!

Now, BBC Three viewers will no doubt see parallels with the following and a popular show called ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’. And I must admit, I did sort of steal his idea here. Having said that, I in no way claim to be nearly as humorous as Howard – *whispers* A sentiment not shared by the dinner-time dwellers of my classroom who persistently insist that I’m “Russell Howard’s brother”…. I’m not, by the way! I’d much sooner share the looks (and bank balance) of David Tennant but alas…. Anyway, I genuinely do think he [Howard] is a rather funny fellow and I regularly enjoy wasting valuable marking time with eyes glued to his show.

I’ve already blogged my way into an ‘explanation’ of myself pleading that I’m not completely pessimistic and rant about anything and everything. Therefore, with the aid of plagiarising the BBC, here’s my own “Good News” story. Take a look at this….

BBC story @

How about that? And all in aid of charity!

Many argue that ‘charity begins at home’. Well it most certainly does. Whether that means at home in Wales, or in a temporary home that just so happens to double as an Atlantic-crossing boat.

Now there’s a well deserved smiley face 🙂


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