New age, new form of plagiarising?!

Whilst marking my year 9 presentations which form part of their preparation for GCSE, I became annoyed. Not annoyed like an orange talking to an apple or a baby monkey catching a lift from a pot-bellied taxi-pig, but really annoyed! You know, the annoyed that stresses you out.
Three students, each sitting in a row at the back of my classroom I might add, seemed to be flying with a piece of written work about themselves and what they like to do etc etc in Welsh. From a distance, getting two sides of A4 between them was a massive positive for me. Upon closer inspection, however, they’ve pretty much regurgitated each other’s work. As an example, one (female) student admitted she enjoyed playing football on weekends for Wrexham county. Now this may seem like I’m making a baseless and sexist generalisation of girls – who, I stress, are more than entitled to play football and are probably better at it than yours truly – but upon quizzing the 14-year-old on what was written, she told me she “hates football” and “would never play it in [her] life”! Oh and as an additional point, she sits next to a lad who has had repeated trials for Shrewsbury Town FC! Catch me drift?

Having spent a little of this evening wading through acts and scenes of Shakespeare’s ‘masterpiece’, Hamlet, I found myself being annoyed for a similar plagiaristic reason. And it also involves Westlife. Now it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go all out to p**s off at least 3 types of people in my blogs (namely year 9 students (done), Shakespeare lovers and Westlife fans – great combination, huh?)…. So here goes!
I like to look at Shakespeare as I do Westlife. These people make the best of others’ work! Now I doubt for no second that Shakespeare was a genius with words, and Westlife don’t half belt out some old rat-pack tunes on an album coolly titled ‘Allow Us To Be Frank,’ but a lot of their accredited works are those of others. Works written / told / recorded previously. Shakespeare for example…. I’m pretty sure there’s an old Celtic story involving ‘Y Brenin Llŷr’…. or King Lear, to the ‘untrained’ eye!
So must I now redefine my personal dictionary regarding the words ‘genius’ and the phrase ‘great band’? No! Bugger off!

Smiley face 🙂 (Copy and pasted from previous blogs!…. Get it? COPY and pasted…. Oh shut up!)


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