New Mac, new PC?!

I had a go on a Mac today…. I hated it! I’ve been brought up with Windows’ finest contraptions, and plus being Welsh, I don’t like change.
Change, be it social or linguistic or whatever, has never been something the Welsh have prided themselves on. And being born of an English mother, the fact I hate major changes in my life is pretty much the only thing I can use to pride myself on the fact I’m a Cymro!
PC in the Welsh language is non-existent. Now this doesn’t mean that we are all mad cave-dwellers with no computers, this means that my now obvious dual-meaning title for this blog can now shed some light on Political Correctness. See what I did there? I amaze myself, I really do! And due to the fact that change pretty much doesn’t happen regarding anything that can be unfortunately deemed ‘Welsh’, political correctness is then kind of at a loss. We don’t have to sing ‘Baa baa rainbow sheep’, for example. But what’s the situation in other nations?
A few years ago I met a former Welsh teacher of mine who had ventured halfway around the world to Patagonia in Argentina to teach the native language of my Welsh forefathers (from my paternal genealogy). She was explaining how life and culture differed from our British one(s) and it was very interesting. She also explained how political correctness was not a part of their lives over there. In fact, a black male was happy (and requested) to be referred to as ‘Choco’, she explained. This was an instant eyebrow-raiser for myself who has been brought up knowing that in our culture at least, that is unacceptable. But in their largely Spanish-speaking community, it wasn’t even batted an eyelid at!

Now I would never condone racism in any way, shape or form. I personally only base my mild stereotypes and generalisations on tongue-in-cheek humour that’s more harm than an Englishman’s rugby tackle. I believe it wrong to pass even the mildest of judgements on others based on political / religious views, sexuality or skin colour. Simple as that.
So when the star striker of my beloved Liverpool returned from an 8-match ban (and rightly so) for racially abusing another player, it got me thinking a little. How guilty was he when we think about his background? A non-English speaker from a South American nation without the burden of PC on his shoulders racially ‘abusing’ another. Was the English FA not taking into account HIS culture and background when banning Luis Suárez? But I then accept the fact he plies his trade in a nation where it IS unacceptable…. And again, rightly so!
I have no conclusion to this thought. I am merely raising the discussable idea. The only opinion I have is that racism is wrong.
Smiley face for racist haters…. And for PC…. by which I mean Windows 🙂


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