New world, new religion?!

It’s not hard to tell that religion as we know it is changing. People regularly find sources for conspiracies and contradictions amongst the words of holy books, and the meanings behind religious festivals are constantly swapped and changed for more modern, contemporary (and often materialistic) new ideas.
It is rather sad, I suppose. Being Welsh, I hate seeing old traditions die. I think we lose a part of who we once were. But the world does keep turning. Time passes by meaning things change. That’s just life.
So for those expecting a religious rant- I apologise. In it’s stead, perhaps I’m even ‘promoting’ religion!
When looking at the main ideas at the core of every religion, there are obvious similarities. There is (or are, in some cases) always a greater being or beings in which people follow for moral lessons and teaching. These ‘deities’ apparently then have the power to help people cure diseases or relieve hardship. Followers often ‘donate’ money to support their religions too. Oooh, and there are seats of religion in which people congregate to worship their ‘lords’. And, on an unfortunate level, there are wars and battles fought between followers of each group. Aside from oil, why else do most wars start?
Last week, I watched Liverpool take on Tottenham at Anfield. Sadly, there were more stray cats on show than goals, so it was another idea which caught my attention. Football is the new religion!
Modernisation and globalisation are becoming more and more true these days- and so smaller religions are being fizzled out. As history dictates, the larger followed religions take presidence. Football is this!
Football has its own ‘deities’ (aka managers and players) in whom people look to for inspiration and promise. People spend, in some cases, large chunks of savings to follow their clubs into battle with others. Battles boil over post matches and injuries and even deaths are sustained. Churches and mosques etc are the stadia – visually imposing to others in a sort of ‘mine’s better than yours’ kind of way! Players visit hospitals and attend foundations in the hope of bringing hope and belief to young people suffering from diseases that, in the past, would see many believers trek up mountains to search for a cure.
I’m rather sure there are more similarities between the “beautiful game” and the ‘beautiful faiths’, but, to be honest, I’m too tired to think further. I’ll leave that with you!
Smiley face for a Wrexham’s promotion push. God, I hope we go up! 🙂


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