New day, new reason to spend money?!

Saint Valentine’s Day (or Tuesday, as it is also known this year). A lovely day of the lovely year when everybody in love gets to lovingly treat their beloved with love…. Or something like that!

Facebook left me feeling loved up this morning too. A friend of mine’s status read as follows:

“Well jel (which I’m informed is Essex dialect meaning ‘jealous’ – Not that she lives anywhere near the South East of England) single people declaring their dislike for V Day…. YAWN!”.

Cool huh?….
No, bugger off! And as a side note, “V Day” can potentially sound sooooo rude!
I find it brilliant that one day must be set out to tell someone you care about that…. well, that you care about them. The whole day is a money-making scam. If those celebrating the day itself would care to uphold traditions, then the man involved (just like Valentine himself) must be put to death after a prolonged stay in a gaol. Let’s uphold that tradition too huh?
Many of you now are starting to think that the above status-writer is correct (yet not grammatically, of course!) in her rants. You may be thinking that I, myself, are “jel” of those in love sharing chocolate-covered strawberries and pretending it’s nice to spend £100+ on a meal which is about as filling as McDonald’s bloody Happy Meal. Well, unfortunately for you, I’m not. I’m actually quite the romantic.
Yes siree! I once told a lady friend that I despised the idea of Valentine’s Day and that it was a money making scam (which is true anyway) and made her believe I never celebrate it. To her apparent sadness, she told many a friend that she was upset by this but vowed to let it pass. Valentine’s Day arrived for her to find her bed covered in confetti hearts, a giant elephant (teddy bear thing, of course – not a real bloody elephant!) holding a large card, a balloon, some flowers, chocolates and a Welsh translation of the original Valentine story printed on some nice, pink paper. I didn’t mind that she didn’t get me anything. Just that she knew how I felt. And it wasn’t as if I didn’t tell her everyday anyway!
So bugger off! If you love someone, do it everyday. And if you’re that plain and boring to only proclaim your true feelings for someone on one particular day, make it January 25th – Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen (Saint Dwynwen’s Day). Her story has got loads more death in it. Bet English people are well ‘jel’ huh?

Luv yaaas!

Smiley, loving face 🙂



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