New mild racism, new reason to celebrate?!

I’m an avid listener of BBC Radio Cymru. Every morning I religiously tune in (or rather simply press a button nowadays) to the Welsh language service from the BBC on my way to work. I love the fact that having learned the Welsh language that I’m able to receive my daily dose of national and international news through the tongue of my choice, rather than having to pick up the English-language classics such as the Sun or Daily Mail, for example.

I also love the sporting reports on the channel. There are many famous names, of whom most I never knew were Welsh speakers, but who pass sound judgement on the week’s sporting events. Names I’ve grown up watching partake in the sports themselves as Welshmen and women, today I get to hear their ideas and opinions through Welsh. Perffaith!

This weekend has been monumental in the world of Welsh sport. Wales’ 6 nations team winning the Triple Crown for the 20th time – and the first lifting of the shield in old HQ, I might add – and Nathan Cleverly’s success down in Cardiff that same night. Unfortunately people have popped off the Wrexham, Swansea and Wales U20’s bandwagon at the moment, but I’ll let that slip for this week!

Sunday saw my beloved Liverpool travel to ‘Anfield South,’ also referred to as ‘Wembley Stadium’ in England’s fine capital city. Despite the fact their opposition were from Wales there was never anyone else I’d rather have seen lift the first piece of silverware of the domestic (English) footballing season than the reds. Before the game I hoped for a Cardiff goal (got two of those), a great game (enough said) and a Liverpool victory (where have you lot been? Under a rock?…. The reds won, by the way). All in all it was a great weekend for me.

But my temporary morning-friends at Radio Cymru have been doing a bit of mourning themselves today. In other words, the whole sporting weekend has been ruined for Welsh fans because the team from the more affectionaltely dubbed ‘Prifddinas Gogledd Cymru’ (North Wales’ Capital City) beat the 1955-born Welsh-capital in the final of the Carling Cup. Everybody in Wales is hurt to the core and the positive effects filtered down to the everyday Welsh-sports lovers because of a fine Saturday have been tarnished on the Sabbath day!
I’m Welsh. Half of my paternal heraldry hails from Liverpool. I follow Liverpool. I am very happy this weekend!
I find it hard to believe that a radio station, brought to us by the ever-fair BBC is able to be so negative to Liverpool. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure there’s a bigger proportion of Radio Cymru listeners who follow Cardiff than Liverpool, but we do exist.
To take a fairer point of view, I thought of Radio City – Liverpool’s chosen radio station. They admit that their footballing commentary is ”full[y] biased” towards the Merseyside teams, but they’re a ‘local’ station. BBC Radio Stoke were more than happy to aknowledge Swansea’s effort against their opponents on Sunday – because they are a BBC, and therefore national, station.

Here’s one then, in the interest of fairness…. Should I hear again that the whole city of Liverpool have ruined the weekend for all Welsh sports fans because of victory in the 2012 Carling Cup final, then Radio Cymru can expect one less listener (or 40% of their listeners, in other words…. possibly!) on a weekday morn.
Oh and ‘diolch’ to Craig Bellamy for donning a Welsh flag whilst collecting his winning medal yesterday. I’m mildly glad you’re not a fluent Welsh speaker!

Liverpool won…. smiley face 🙂


2 thoughts on “New mild racism, new reason to celebrate?!

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s a bigger proportion of Radio Cymru listeners who follow Cardiff than Liverpool, but we do exist.

    Faswn i’n dychmygu bod mwy o wrandawyr RC yn dilyn Lerpwl na Chaerdydd. Nes i Gaerydd gael dyrchafiad i’r Bencampwriaeth, ychydig iawn o Gymry Cymraeg Caerdydd (llawer iawn yn newydd-ddyfodiaid o’r gogledd fel fi!) oedd yn dilyn Caerdydd, ond nawr mae fel petai nhw wedi darganfod bod tim yma wedi’r cwbwl.

    Wnest ti ddim clywed ar RC fel roedd pobl ddim yn siwr pwy i’w gefnogi, gan bod lot yn ffans Lerpwl (ers yr 80au), boed nhw’n Gogs neu Hwntws, ond bod nhw nawr yn ffans Caerdydd hefyd?

    Dw i fel arall (wastad yn wahanol!), ro’n i’n gwylio Caerdydd tipyn pan yn yr adrannau is, ond ddim nawr – oh, ac roedd gynna i docyn tymor yn Goodison Park am dair blynedd yn y 90au 😉

    O ran RC yn rhoi blaenoriaeth i dim o GYmru, dw i’n meddwl bod hynny’n gwbl deg, achos does dim gorfas Cymraeg (na Saeseng ) BBC ar lefel mwy lleol na Gymry gyfan, tra mae llefydd lot llai/lleol gyda rhai yn Lloegr. Mae fy ngwraig yn dod o Efrog, ac fe synnais bod y fath beth a BBC York i gael – mae’n ddinas llai na Chaerdydd ac Abertawe.

    Mwynha Caerdydd ar y penwythnos, os ti eisiau clywed tipyn o Gymraeg, tria’r Mochyn Du (ond mae fel arfer yn afiach o packed i’r rygbi), hefyd tafarndai Demseys a City Arms yng Nghamol y ddinas.

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