New something, new something?!

Of late my attentions have turned to…. well, a whole host of things actually.

Teaching has taken over all but approximately 1% of my life – a percentage I then use / waste to play my ukelele, read books and learn all the languages under the sun. Not great.
I’ve now started using the odd few seconds I can honestly call my own to think rather philosophically about my job too. I see teaching, as well as other public sector areas of employment, to be extremely unselfish – a modern day human-sacrifice, if you will. We, the teachers, literally give up our lives to aid the lives of those who (mostly reluctantly) set foot into our classrooms. I mean, do teachers ever stop reading / watching random things in newspapers or on TV programmes without the occasional “oooh, I could use that in my lessons!”? And with 99% of our lives taken up by this 9-5 (and yes, it really is 9-5!), it’s hard to see light in any tunnel until the age of 67+.
And teaching, as wonderful as it truly is, has another downside…. Memory loss! I mean I actually forget to mark books etc. So technically that means ‘teaching’ is affecting my ‘teaching’. Confusing? Don’t worry, I’ll have forgotten about it by the time I’ve finished this sentence…. So, where was I?

Now I don’t know about other teachers, but until I discovered the wonders of ‘Post It’ notes, I have forgotten literally everything I’ve ever needed to remember. I actually forget to take clothes out of the machine…. or to fill up the car…. or eat!
I have tried diaries and calendars on mobile phones etc but I actually forget to check those too. So sticking sticky notes to obvious places such as door handles and pupils’ foreheads (I wish) seem to be the only ways to remember important things.

“You’re getting old, Stephen” explains my mother. Number 1, thanks a lot…. Number 2, I’m 23 (….tomorrow!)!

Cum hoc ergo procter hoc – I’ve forgotten what, if any, was my point in this blog. Did I have one? Do I ever have one? What was the first question again? Although one thing is certain…. I always end my pointless paragraphs with…. What was it again?



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