Furry things!

Throughout my years in school, sixth form and university I have been intent on learning my national language – Welsh. As you may have discovered, I’m still rather proud of the fact that I speak both official languages of this gorgeous land I get to call my own. It truly is a wonderful thing and I’d advise anyone to give it a go!
I do however look back on this time with critical eyes. I only ever scraped through subjects in which today – through reading and watching educational programmes on the television – I believe I know quite a bit about. I love history and science and again, through my own self-aggrandised eyes, I’m pretty ‘upstairs’ on knowledge about them. Yet I would never have claimed this whilst I was completing these subjects at various levels…. And why? Because I was too bloody proud and too bloody intent on learning Welsh!

The Welsh language, in my view, is and forever will be an important part of Wales. But in what way?
Culturally? Yes!
Communty orientated? Yes!
Forward looking?…. No! (And please don’t comment back to this blog appealing that Google and Facebook are now in Welsh therefore everything’s fine!)
And I shan’t even begin to explain my feelings on Welsh-medium education here – as I’m sure you’re rather busy and have better things to read about – but I don’t like it. My round-about reason for this is that schools are too down-right certain that the only thing important to their learners is the Welsh language. For this reason, let statistics hereby show, Welsh language schools hardly ever compete with the better higher-grade pass rates enjoyed by English-medium schools in Wales.
Welsh is the beautiful language! English is the clever language! There, I said it!

It is for these reasons also that Plaid (Cymru) will never see the same ‘successes’ as the SNP, for example, in Scotland.
Plaid are too easy to predict. And the buck doesn’t stop with Cymraef. Today the Welsh government will pass judgement on whether killing an animal (that’s been part of the Welsh countryside for a damn lot longer than their more-than-likely English forefathers) is just and right. And who backs this plan? Why Plaid do, of course! If they weren’t so high up on their own personal, political pedastals then they would see that most people in Wales know that the only reason they’re backing this sick cull is because Plaid want the vote in Penfro (Pembrokshire). Conservative terriTORY. Ha!
Here’s another…. Why haven’t Plaid been over-public about their university fees policy? Because they want the vote in Ceredigion (home to two major Welsh seats of higher learning) – an area predominantly ‘shoot-ourselves-in-the-foot’ liberal. And why have they only recently encharged a feministic, racist, Queen-hating, valleys girl to lead their party? Let me guess…. Is the Rhondda largely labour by any chance?
Don’t get me wrong, these are rather good ideas – but they won’t work because people in Wales aren’t bloody stupid. The simple reason for this is because nobody has a patriotic burden hanging over their heads in Wales anymore…. id est (bit of Latin, there!) nobody cares about Welsh anymore. Even Plaid, it may seem at present! Shock, horror!

Wyneb gwenu (That’s smiley face in Welsh)! 🙂


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