Fair things!

Due to the nature and subject of my current blog, I am predicting certain death upon its completion. I’m genuinely serious. I honestly believe that there is more chance of platting fog than me worming my way from the jaws of premature inevitability.
I would, however, like to point out that my views here are comprised entirely of tongue-in-cheek silliness, as are all of my blogs!

I’m big on fairness. Fairness for minorities. Fairness despite class differences or choices of food we eat. Or how we choose to live our lives in general. It’s our choice – and moral fairness goes a long way in ensuring we, the people of this world, can have that choice.

Over the past century women have, and rightly bloody-well so, made huge strides across the world (to different degrees depending on the nation itself) in ensuring they are treated fairly. But why has it taken so long?
Galen’s (often incorrect) works on medicine and philosophy some 21 centuries ago came unchallenged due to strong religious opposition of further experimentation for nearly 1,400 years. Galen was not allowed to be proved wrong by the church – so there’s a good chance that your ancestors from even as late as 700 years ago thought, for example, that bloody was made afresh each day and our internal organs were exactly the same as those of a pig. Oink!


In similar ecclesiasticly-punishing ways, women have been swept under the rug of equality due to the Bible (and other fictional scriptures) and their holy messages on the treatment of women. Seriously, have a read of the Penteauch and give yourself a pound for each time women are treated fairly…. you might even have enough for a stamp to send off your ballot paper!

I do, however, have one qualm. And it from this qualm that will force women to plot my death. Whatever it is, ladies, make it quick!
Women fight so strongly for equality and fairness, but only when it suits them. Please, please allow me to reitterate my views that equality for women is right and correct and I’m a big fan…. Look how scared I’m getting…. I think I’m actually sweating at this very moment.

Females fought (and died) for their vote in the early part of the twentieth century eventually leading to their victory. Both the Great War and the Second World War saw women fighting hard on the home front and completing jobs often done by men who had gone off to fight…. and often did them better. This, in turn, made women determined to be what they wanted to be. To do the jobs and earn the pay that men did. The 60s and 70s saw similar acts in the United States of America take place too. Good!

So why only when it suits them? Well, let’s see. I never heard a woman complain their car insurance premium was too low and they wanted to pay the same as a man. Neither have I heard a women complain that she wished to be hit by a man in the same way said man would hit another male. And don’t give me the cr*p that women are weaker than men. I’m fully expecting many a woman (individually) to find me after reading this blog and beat the s**t out of me.

Look at these ladies, for example:


(Interestingly still called ‘miss’)

Compared to me….


I’m fully aware that inserting a picture of myself here is probably the silliest thing I could do having made this blog public domain. I’m sure with the benefit of hindsight I’ll look back and think ‘my, my, what I silly thing I’d gone and done there!’. But c’est la vie, I suppose!

To what may I toast today’s smiley face? To masculinity. Rock on! 🙂


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