Balanced things!

I’m angry.

Seriously, in the words of my area, I’ve ‘seen my arse’! (Yes, we actually say that).

But prior to my explaining of why I am feeling this angry way today, I’d like to briefly discuss universal balance. Many unicorn-loving idiots believe in karma and the like and how all things are balanced. I guess taking the logical and scientific stance, matter (and the energy it holds) in the universe must remain constant despite its regularly changing forms.

So I guess going on whether you’re a sucker for fairies or you’d prefer to bathe your mind in the purity and correctness of science, there is evidence for a balance in the cosmos. Riveting!

Someone once told me that everyone on the planet has a sole-mate. Upon quizzing said someone as to when I’ll find said sole-mate, the response given was about as wow-ing as my blog is so far! Something along the pathetic lines of ‘you never know, but you’ll know when you find them.’

To be honest, I can’t complain at this point because when I was a wee lad my father took me on a fishing trip around the coastal areas of Caernarfon, North Wales. Whilst fishing for mackerel I was told to jig the line up and down until I got a bite. Upon asking a similar question to the one above, I received ‘you’ll just know when you get a bite’ from my fishing-emphatic father. Thankfully, I certainly did know when I had a bite. Those little fishies are nuts!

But finding ones sole-mate isn’t as easy as this…. apparently!

I don’t know if I’ve met my sole-mate. Perhaps I never will (if there is indeed another person perfectly set-out for me at all). If I’m honest, anyone I’ve ever felt anything for has called me ‘hard work,’ and I don’t think I’d like my perfect other half to think of me like that, to be completely honest.

But in the interest of universal balance, if there so be a perfect and significant other at my awaiting, must there not be a person exactly my opposite?

Well…. yes. And how do I know? Because I found the git!
He / she was driving their car in front of me at 35mph in 50mph zone last night (a cool 30% less than the limit) and then decided to do 40mph when the road changed to a 30mph area (a chilling (and illegal) 33% over the limit) within a matter of yards. If there is a God(s), He / She  / They certainly hated me last night. I proper seen me arse!

Don’t give me cr*p that their are other things a lot worse to get on someone’s nerves. Despite my agreement, this car just p*ssed me right off. 


Smiley (yet mildly angry) face 🙂


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