For crying out loud, I’m not a sodding jukebox!

It seems I have, somehow, managed to gain some followers of my blogs. Why, thank you very much. It really is lovely to know others take some sort of weird madness from them as I do in their writing…. You’re all nuts…. D’ya know that?

Anyway, aside from having made my regular readers feel as good about themselves as a weakened koala amongst grizzlies, I honestly do thank you. It truly is wonderful to know that my stats page for my blogs are not just comprised of either multiple reads and re-reads from yours truly or multiple force-reads*.

It was from a conversation I had recently in my local pub that enticed me to write this blog today. I was, more than likely, blagging about my blogging which ultimately made someone think the following: ‘I guess I should just talk to him about these blogs otherwise he really will never shut up!
I of course divulged on their content leading said someone to (give in and) have a read. She seemed rather impressed and seemed to enjoy reading them too. Actually, I might just check her Fecebook page to see whether she’s ever been a professional actress…. Wait a second…. Nope, apparently not!
During another visit to the pub I was asked why my blogs have become less frequent. I explained work has unfortunately taken over and I genuienly have no idea what else to rant about. It was then she told me to blog about Ffrith (the village in which I live!). Nice idea.

D’ya wanna know why I’m not gonna write a blog on Ffrith? Look at the title….

Ffrith is nice though. You should visit.
Bye *waves* 🙂

* A ‘force-read’ is when, despite their obvious annoyance and discomfort, I force a close family member to read one or five of my blogs in exchange for me shutting up!


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