Dear Mr Jack [What’s ‘c*ck’ in Scots Gaelic?]

When aggravated by something, I like to confront those who have committed said aggravation. Now I would like firstly to prioritise my previous no-go on ranting about individuals for the simple reason that I don’t fancy getting my head bashed in, but again my friends, I make an exception.

First of all, have a read of this. Beware! Those of an anti-Celtic disposition look away now! (Always wanted to say [something like] that!)


And the writer of this wonderful piece of journalistic literature? Mr Ian Jack. Seo e an-sin – That’s Gàidhlig for ‘That’s him, there! Looks a jolly chap, doesn’t he?


Here are a few points I’d like to put forth for the possible revision of this article to my friend, Ian….

“All the Celtic languages are a mystery. How far would I need to reach back to discover an ancestor who spoke Gaelic?”

Well, that would depend on your heraldry now, wouldn’t it? I couldn’t give a s**t where you’re from, but the likelihood of your forefathers speaking Gaelic is only heightened should your family tree hail back to the north of Scotland. If not, then probably a long way.
You don’t hear people from Kent asking when their last Cornish speaking relative lived, do you? No? But I’m sure I could dig out a few people from Caergaint that would be interested in learning it. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you selfish, bigoted arse!

“….but even if the comparison is confined to Scotland, it looks likely that the number of citizens who speak South Asian languages at least equal those who speak Gaelic. And yet, unlike Gaelic and Welsh, none of them has the protection of parliamentary acts and an expanding bureaucracy, nor has any been rewarded by a publicly subsidised television channel of its own.”

Gaelic is a minority language wherever you go in the world whereas these ‘South Asian’ tongues of which you speak are not.
Firstly, unlike the Celtic languages of Prydain / Prytein (British Britain), Urdu and Punjabi are not originally British therefore why should they deserve parliamentary aid? English is the bastard tongue of immigrants and that doesn’t receive ‘protection.’ Unfortunately, ‘English / Southern Scottish’ people just lay down and took the English / Scots English language as their own.
And why do these people deserve a television channel? They have chosen to live in the United Kingdom and should therefore learn one of the British languages. I wouldn’t go to the south of Asia and expect S4C to churn out Gwaith/Cartref and Pobol y Cwm over there, nor would I plead with Asian media companies to report the news in Gàidhlig under the title An Là!

“…. the plan is national because Gaelic has been designated a national language. Dual-language station nameboards [name-boards, idiot. You’re a journalist!], for example: eventually every Scottish station will have one, no matter how little the place was touched by Gaelic at any time in its history.”

If Gaelic is designated a national language then, last time I checked, it should be rolled out across the whole of its nation…. id est, Caledonia!
Just because the language isn’t native to certain parts of the land, doesn’t mean it never will be. Take Ænglisc for example…. that’s Old English, you heathen git! When the first settlers arrived with this language, it was only native to the area in which they landed…. and now look at the sh**ty excuse for a form of communication. It’s bloody everywhere. Even I must write this response to your not-so-patriotic drivel in the Germanic tongue.
How about this, there are parts of Wales with communities who live day-to-day choosing to communicate through the medium of only Welsh…. yet there are still bloody English signs up in these villages. But English is one of the national languages of Wales and so it sees equal weighting when it comes to things like station name-boards, etc.

Unlike my previous jab at Anthony ap Anthony for his pedestalled attack on anyone wishing to put forth areas for improvement on his flawed Cumbric reconstruction, I ended with something like ‘I’m sure Anthony is a lovely man….’
One wishes he could hold Mr Jack in similar stead but I like him about as much as that fat, bigot who graces BBC television every now and again. Both should be taken before their families and shot! …. But it’s all in good fun. I’m only kidding, pal!

Seo smiley face dhut…. 🙂

Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu – Glasgow Gaelic[-medium] School


Bilingual village name in Nova Scotia…. Canada! Check out the toponymy on that!



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