I Foresee a Riot!

“Bloody photocopier, why won’t you work?!”

The above quotation is a line I seem to have come (overly) accustomed with lately. I really should get my aching head around the blasted machine. Upon blabbing the above quotation aloud, seemingly by the fate of the stars above [note possibly intentional sarcasm :)], a colleague of mine walks in!

Today we conversed about films and how my filmographical history seems to have had a negative baring on my current view of Hollywood’s releases. I guess I just really hate the way propaganda is so subtly portrayed in these blockbuster movies. Seriously, watch any major film from the last twenty years with an open mind and tell me there isn’t the slightest hint of ‘We are America – we rock!’ in it! Night at the Museum 2 is awful for it!

But back to my conversation with above colleague. Apparently my disgust in propaganda-fuelled films derives from the fact I’m a ‘Pisces’, which suggests that….

[This is where I trailed off from the conversation!]

Pisces is Latin for fish. To be honest, it was mighty hard to take in what she said after this due to my trying to muster up some fun way of explaining that I do not possess gills nor a dorsal fin…. but I do sort of like water!

Unfortunately no aquatic-enthused comeback came – all I could say was that I found it hard to fathom that positions of stars and planets have any bearing on how angry I’m going to feel on a particular day…. or whether finding a penny under the couch can count as me “coming into money”!?!

We went on to discuss Tarot cards. Again, I have no interest. How can a blind choice of a piece of coloured-in paper tell me my future? Here’s a nice piece of foresight…. I bet you that Tarot cards will never ever be proved to be an accurate measure of one’s fortune! How’s that? I’m a f***ing fortune teller. Whoop!

But aside from pretty much disagreeing with anything she stood for, my walking away spurred a thought.

Her gothic, Pagan, fortune-fuelled world is brilliant. She sticks to traditions and is lightly-opposed to the mainstream symposia that people call ‘the norm’. And bloody right too. Who the hell are people to say what’s right and wrong with regards to beliefs and opinions? I’ve been more than a hypocrite in many cases, I guess!

Over the past few years, I’ve become more ‘at peace’ with my ‘Britishness’. I bought an Olympic football shirt, for Gods’ [note punctuational joke there] sake!

But by taking a walk on the ‘wild side’ and not conforming to the propaganda-fuelled Olympic ‘pride’…. I’ve learned what it truly means to be British….


I’m Welsh. And whether the case may or may not be that an independent Wales would crash and burn…. I’d rather that than conform to ‘the norm’ that is Britishness!

Cymru annibynnol am byth!



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