Pyth yw ‘smiley face’ y’n Gernewek?

When I was a wee lad (bit of Scots-English there) I was obsessed with Welsh. Most will be aware of this fact due to previous reading of previous blogs – others will understand my quite obvious obsession due to the fact that, even now, I actually don’t shut up about it.
I’ve also blogged lately of my happiness of becoming a Welsh secondary teacher. As pre-told, I’m extremely proud, flattered and even honoured to be able to teach the language of my (paternal) forefathers and a language which I’ve given most of my educated life to its learning.

As a teacher, I strive to find ways of making my subject as fun as possible. I also try to show at regular intervals the importance of Welsh in our modern society. My reasons for this are simple…. and they stem from quizzing my friends whilst in school.
Many a conversation between myself and other friends (who didn’t opt to take Welsh as a full course and therefore recieved minimal lessons in the language until their leaving) would play out as follows:

“So why don’t you do Welsh as a full course?”
“Because I don’t see a point and it’s boring!”

And so my strife continues!

So here’s my little blog explaining how the Celtic languages can be heaps of fun if you give them a shot! And here’s are a few pictures I’ve aquired over the years proving the aforementioned….


It says ‘lol’


The Simpsons’ attempt at raising awareness!


Do your bit!


Tempting, huh?


What’s ‘meow’ in Welsh?


Pardon the Americanism!


If any reader is sad enough to actually fancy learning one of these highly pointless, ancient languages then feel free to contact me for some pointless help. You can catch me on Twitter with @SteCymru14.

Pyth yw ‘smiley face’ y’n Gernewek? 🙂


One thought on “Pyth yw ‘smiley face’ y’n Gernewek?

  1. Me! I was enjoying learning my “Mother tongue” – and assuming you have been dumped with the ones no one else wants, I’m back in September….so chons da! (hope I got that right, if its rude ignore it!)

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