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Much like the modern, public idea of many a contemporary politician these days, I’ve hidden myself away (in this case; from my blogging) until I worked out something publically-attractive to talk about. Coupled with a blog by yours truly some months ago about potential idiocracy amongst our nation’s leaders, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I don’t possess the best outlook on our friends who think they have divine rites over peoples’ lives just because they have MP or MSP or AS or whatever following their names. I have BA after mine which, despite my love of preserving the Latin language, now stands for ‘Bloody Awesome’…. Although only my mam uses it with my name…. And that was only once…. On a Christmas card!

And to be fair, whatever my views on politics; – be those local, national or international – it’s hard for anyone to keep faith in any government when things aren’t going their way. But maybe that’s just the selfish, self-centred view people have nowadays?!?! Although to sway my swinging gob of bias once again – they really need to sort out this Lord Levison Enquiry!

Moving on to a more light-hearted view, I’ve decided that I’m going to run for President.

The more awake amongst you will have noticed that I said ‘President’ and not ‘Prime Minister’…. Da iawn, chwithau!

I’m sure many more will now be arguing that nobody can become President of the United States of America without first being born there…. Well, this slightly-‘elitist’ view is pointless in this argument because not once did I mention that I wanted to become President of the USA…. Yet again, modern-day propaganda has made people immediately believe that USA is the only country on the planet to have a bloody President. F**k!

No, ladies and gentlemen, I shall be President of Cymru! – As soon as we ‘Keep Calm and Abolish the Monarchy’ anyway!

The first point of my made-up-manifesto shall state that all places in Wales must use (and be referred to by) their Welsh names. Should these toponymical pleasures not exist – make one! Seriously go outside, have a look at the topography of the land around you and pick a name accordingly. Is there a river? Maybe the brow of a hill overlooks a clearing. Fire away…. Be creative!

Internationally, Cymru shall use her native name. Thanks must be extended at this point to Scotland (with whom we shall be in partnership upon leaving the United Kingdom in what shall be known as The British-Gaelic Union) who refer in Gaelic to our nation as Cuimrigh (pronounced as ‘Cymru’) and to Sweden (with whom we shall be sharing our North Sea Oil) who refer to our language as Kymriska…. which is a lot closer to the word ‘Cymraeg’ than ‘Welsh.’ Diolch i chi gyd!

Our party’s colour shall be green – This is because it’s my favourite colour and it’s my party therefore it shall be me who gets the political letters after my name, not you! Although I don’t really have a suitable shirt to wear with a silly, green tie…. Maybe I should take up shopping after all!

Should youngsters not have further education, an apprenticeship, and a job or otherwise lined up when they come to leave school, they must complete a period of national service. An age-old, outdated idea, I hear you scream? One word…. Religion!

They shall join up with a newly-formed regiment which shall be kept separate from the main army – a lot of soldiers don’t want a bunch of people (who probably don’t want to be there) joining up with them on a daily basis!
As much as I wish for zero fighting across the world, the modern world won’t allow it…. Yet!

Finally, Welsh-medium schools. Fantastic idea – they truly are. But I had my education through the medium of English and, again, it’s my party. My idea is to make EVERY primary school in Wales Welsh-medium, with all high schools teaching through the medium of English (barring Welsh lessons of course). Controversial, huh? I seriously would love to pilot this in an area though…. I think the results would be highly interesting. Better results and 100% bilingualism across the nation! No-brainer!

Feel free to ask my about any policy I have failed to mention here and I shall reply with a long-winded answer that kind of touches on what you want to know but ultimately doesn’t give you a straight answer at all…. See, I’ll be a fantastic politician.

Vote Me!

Vote Smiley Face! 🙂



One thought on “Vote Me!

  1. A few things.

    Scotland will not be sharing it’s oil with anyone. It will sell it at the best price it can for the benefit of it’s people. It certainly wont be sharing it with us or even Sweden. Did you mean Norway?

    Wales doesn’t need oil. We have more than enough resources for ourselves. And the excess can be sold or even better withheld to encourage business and industry to move here.

    England uses far more energy and water than it can produce. We have far more than we can use, so ideally we can reduce the price of each so that it would be better for companies to come here. Companies mean jobs, in turn that means a good economy. Well it makes getting a godo one easier anyway.

    With the Welsh schools, I don’t think you need to switch. Children in Welsh schools will be fluent in both English and Welsh by the time they leave and bilingualism is good for the brain. So there is no point in doing half and half.

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