yoUKan F*** off!

Hello and welcome to my shiny, new laptop courtesy of father bear. Still spoilt at twenty-three…. Fantastic!
Unfortunately this blog centres not on flash, material items that are bought at a price, but that which is ours by birth-rite.

Coming home today for my traditional cuppa with the mother before aching home to yet more paperwork, the BBC gave us the delights of the Olympic torch’s lighting live from Athens. The traditions held and passed down to the Greeks from those before now kept alight through metaphorical wonder. It really is great to think that, despite her current hardship, the nation of Greece keeps hold of what is its own and puts on a wonderful show to hand over the Hellenic cultures to the United Kingdom.

It was upon thinking about this that I stopped and wondered. United Kingdom? P**s off!

What a year to have a celebration for the English queen in her sixtieth year on the throne made of stolen treasures AND a spectacle of world sport and unity. Perfect to mirror upon Her Majesty’s subjects that we are British and we always will be.

Bollocks! What a pile of royal fæcal matter!

I can’t help but believe (and hence brave the ridicule from those who have fallen at “Mrs Windsor’s”  [I’m quoting Leanne Wood there, not my words!] feet) that all this worldwide show of pride in the Union Flag is just subtle mind-games to forget a land once plundered of its Celtic and British riches.

The Olympic Dream

Two things I can take from this:

1)      Cornwall, look! You have the go ahead, me ‘ansum! Go fetch the flag of Saint Piran, and….

2)      Isn’t it funny how they refer to the Union Flag as the Union Jack in the article? – Britain may well be an island, but some losers do fly the flag over land too ya’ know!

I suppose the third point would be along the lines of ‘P**s off you wa**ers and stop making us be proud of something that we don’t want!

Look, I get the idea of the United Kingdom. To live as one. As friends. Onan hag oll (Cornish for ‘One and All’) et cetera. To fight for the pleasures of equality and truth. To live by the common good…. Oh stuff this. I can’t bull s**t any longer!

I will not stand for a nation who has plundered and pillaged others. I will not stand for a land which has stolen not just material wealth (like shiny, new laptops etc.), but freedom from peoples who knew not what fighting and colonisation was. I will not believe in a false idea that is passed off as equality when my skies are burned with the blood of those who once called this land their home.

“Here you are, we’ll support your language. Now run along and be silent for a while. Right then, how do we shut the Cornish, Irish and Scots up?” – [Quoted by] Me!


Here’s is my expected response to this blog….

“Right then you stupid, little excuse for a man. Go s**g a sheep and take your country with you – it’s s**t anyway!” – [Also quoted by] Me!

And here’s one I made earlier….

Clwyd West MP via BBC News website, 2004: “The reason why people don’t vote nationalist is not because of some exotic conspiracy involving the secret services, [needs a semicolon there, by the way] it’s because of their barmy policies and daft leaders. Case closed.”

Oh how I wish, Mr Close-minded-propaganda-ridden-pal, oh how I wish. An independent Wales would be a Third World country? No money? No real influence on education or the arts? An appalling football team? Poverty?


I will have my nation. My land. My home. And my big, smiley face 🙂


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