Why one shouldn’t read my blogs!‏


Hypocrisy: Since my initial blog on what to call my moaning sessions, to an appallingly written ‘hit-out’ at all things British, I have gone against my own beliefs and ideology…. And then gone back on those again!
When I was bored one day (much like now) I decided to use an internet site to work out which way my political compass pointed. Even that couldn’t decide where I lay, placing me pretty much slap bang in the middle. This only makes me realise that my ideas constantly contradict each other and so even flawless computer scripted questionnaires are confused by me.

Contradictions: Following on nicely from my unfortunate hypocrisy, contradictions are never too far away from anything I write.
I think, having recently found the wonders of information, my mind is susceptible to changing it’s mind on certain things rather too often.
I used to follow Everton, now I’m a red.
I used to believe in the Christian God, now I’m as much an atheist as…. Oh God knows, someone atheist!

Pushiness: As I will explain later, people don’t like having others’ ideas thrust upon them.
I suppose people do have the initial choice of reading my blogs and then have the choice on whether to take in what I say. Finally they choose whether or not to sympathise with my petty arguments.
I guess that many variables make it highly unlikely I’ll ever get people to sway to my bigoted, pedestal-dwelling thinking, but I’m still rather pushy. So keep reading…. Suckers!

Disgrace: I have never been proud of the fact that some of my blogs have been aimed at individual, groups of people, beliefs and ideas.
Who am I to pass judgement on others? Answer, I’m nobody.
I suppose the only reason I’m currently ‘getting away with it’ is for the reason that readers of my blogs realised people are entitled to their opinion etc in the first place. Contradictory, huh?

Anger: Should you ever have the (dis)pleasure of my meeting, you would realise that I’m really not a bitter person. I actually used to think that anger was spelled ‘angre.’ What the hell is that? I do, however, have two excuses for this…. One, I’m not an ‘angery’ person and two, I only scraped though my English GCSE.
So apparent ‘anger’ in my blogs are acts. And how could anyone who ends each of their random chats with a smiley face be angry, anyway?
…. But I do get angry sometimes, and I’m sorry!
Now f**king leave me alone!

Stupidity: Not once would I ever claim to be clever. I’m not. Simple as that!
But with the use of the internet and other media along with an old, decrepit mind-thesaurus, anyone can come across as a genius.
As for my rants on grammar, I literally have no idea whether I’m right or wrong in correcting punctuation etc. As a Welshman, I took upon the idea of refusing to try in my English exams in school. I realise now that this was a silly idea. Getting my worst GCSE result in the subject (and hence having no real idea of my mother tongue) nearly cost me my job- in the sense that teaching now requires a B in English, not a C. I was just lucky I went into the profession when I did.
…. I think!

Nationalism: Following on from my idea of boycotting English revision, my Welshness has never gotten me too far in life. I’ve been closed minded for a number of years in the sense that my wanting of learning the Welsh language has held me back from learning other things. I feel now that having learned Welsh, I have more readily taken in the joys of…. well…. everything else really.
Therefore, friends, don’t learn Welsh and learn to hate the fact that you hail from a land of stupid myths and flawed legends.
Dyna fy nghyngor!

Drivel: As you may have worked out from the list of my flaws and downsides I tend to blab on rather mindlessly most of the time. Also, my writing can be as easy to follow as Wrecsam Football Club mixed in with a bit roadrunner’s hang-bout-in-one-place characteristics!
I suppose the reason why I’m so ‘proud’ of what I produce as excuses for blogs is because despite their lack of simplicity in their understanding, they do (sometimes) come together well. I was rather proud of the ‘What’s ’14’ in Binary?’ one. That worked well. Oh and the one where I translated a story I’d heard on Radio Cymru!
Anyway…. What was I talking about….?

Blogging: Let’s be honest, whether one chooses to describe my blogs as good to read or downright drivel, nobody really likes having their Twitter or Facebook feeds filled with any one thing.
I remember once reading a blog to my dad…. He liked it. I then asked whether I could read him another. He said ‘blog off!’ – Feel free to laugh. Even I mustered a snigger!

Keep smiling! 😉


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