Sporty Tolerance

Did anyone else see that programme about the state of racism in Poland and Ukraine?
I believe it’s absolutely insane that people have these backwards ideas on how to treat anyone who isn’t of the aryan race. And Sol Campbell’s views that England fans should stay at home and watch the tournament unfold on television sound like a decent shout.
Now I would never condone racism. Seriously, it’s wrong and unnecessary. How dare someone judge another for something they’re born with. The birth rites of human kind. The brotherhood of man.
I honestly hope Uefa sort out what’s going on in Eastern Europe with regards to racism and empty-mindedness that sings from the terraces of disgrace.

This morning I caught myself a glimpse of the Olympic flame on its rounds. Its second coming to my nation after a short stay over in the Marches-Roman city of Deva (Chester).
As a side note, I also attempted to catch the flame in my native Flintshire yesterday although, despite a convoy of ‘British’ propaganda-fuelled advertising buses passing, I saw nothing. The flame went the wrong bloody way. Wrth gwrs! Maybe the police saw my Glyndŵr flag?!

Last week the historic flame began its rounds of the British isles in the south of Cornwall. I attach a link to a video showing a Cornish flag being ripped from the grasp of a patriotic runner.

Drokoleth (Disgrace)

Thankfully, despite the high level of police along the (apparent) flame road yesterday, I was (possibly) allowed to fly my Glyndŵr banner.
Unfortunately, Cornish-ness seems unacceptable. Need more proof? Check these pictures out. The first is how the Penn-an-Wlas (Land’s End) building looked just before the ‘British’ Olympic Committee got their paint-infused paws on it, and the second depicts how it looked on the day of the flame’s arrival.
Cornwall council later explained how Cornish was due to be re-painted back onto the building in due course. Bit late now, huh?


And now, my point….!
Who are English (and others who consider themselves ‘British’) to complain how people of Poland and Ukraine feel about their nation when the Cornish flag incidents happen? I will never condone the way the Poles and Ukrainians act towards non-white, non-Christians but they are, in the sickest and most wrong way, standing up for what they believe to be right. It’s just a shame they aim their anger towards innocent others and not turn fury into friendly passion for their own clubs.

Yet the Cornish are merely standing up for what they believe to be right in the correct way. The peaceful way.
They are being down-trodden by ‘British’ propaganda machines who dare not show cracks in the face of an outdated union.

See those Shitish/British flags hanging around? They’re the signs that the machine is winning. They’re telltale stories of a plundering nation killing passionate pride. Wonder why we’re seeing so many? Oh I know, they want Britain to stay together…. Because if our Celtic nations were removed, whatever’s left would be far worse off!

Rant over!

Smiley, tax-free-pasty-filled face!


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