The Castles of Incompletion

It’s been hard lately with regards to British media to think about anything other than a certain monarch’s celebration of a number of years sitting on an elitist throne made from the plunderings of other nations who knew not what violence and capitalism was.
DelweddIt’s in no way that I dislike the Queen, however. To be fair, I’d congratulate any foreign monarch on their achievement of ruling for 60 years. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Well done, random and foreign Queen! Which monarch has a Jubilee next? Are we having street parties for them too? Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden will have been on his throne for 40 years next September and I’m sensing blue and gold bunting….

My method of avoiding the celebrations that have been all but forced upon me at every turn has been a simple one…. Go and look at some castles 🙂

Laugh all you like, but I’m not the only one who enjoys these archaic bastions of medieval masonry and planning. For example, I was talking to a friend of mine (who now resides in Cardiff – home to a couple of lovely castles) who also likes to visit them…. Making two of us already :)!

It was whilst describing Castell Dolforwyn to said friend as a sort of ‘Welsh Machu Picchu‘ that I realised it was as typical a Welsh castle as they come…. Not much left but nice views.

DelweddCastell Dolforwyn

Should one care to visit such Welsh castles, one would see they all share these modern characteristics. Eulo, Fflint, (to some extents) Caergwrle, Dinas Brân, Deganwy, Cricieth, Dolwyddelan etc


Castell Caergwrle


Castell Eulo

Not much left but has nice views…. For me, this mirrors the contemporary idea of Wales in general!
Gone are the days of Welsh princes, where the Welsh fought and died for their home. There are still the odd few real men and women who slipped through the traps of English / British occupation, but these are merely cast off as noisy nationalists who have no life!

But of course, us Welsh do still have our beautiful views…. Much like the rest of the Celtic nations! Riddled with houses occupied for but a fortnight per annum.

Should it be a prerequisite to speak of one’s land by comparing her to her castles, I’d go with the English-constructed Biwmaris (Beaumaris) for Wales….

Built and named by foreigners,
Kept by those who love her,
And not quite finished….

This blog, on the other hand, is finished!

Tchuß und smiley face!


2 thoughts on “The Castles of Incompletion

  1. You should check out @NathenAmin, he get’s all wet for castles too. My personal favourite is Manorbier. It’s just along the coast from Tenby and is near to a decent pebble beach with plenty of rock pools. When the kids are older I’ll visit more myself.

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