Ok, maybe I am a jukebox!

Aside from the (less than) interesting title to this post, I mention nothing more of jukeboxes..

Interesting start…. Moving on!

It was sipping on a cup of tea today that my mind raced once again. I found it hard to fathom why, after consuming less than one cuppa, my bladder had increased to the size of Sweden!?!

Now I’m sure if I could be bothered to purchase one of QI’s books or the sequel to a fact book called ‘Why don’t penguins’ feet freeze?’ then I would be blessed with the answer to this age-old dilemma…. How the hell does tea expand or reproduce in my belly?

My mind races once again! Would a car run on a tank of Earl Grey’s finest? Maybe diesel-fuelled cars could take coffee? I don’t know, someone try it please?

My theory here is all but self explanatory. If one cup of tea produces enough outward-liquid [that’s urine] to drown a small goat, why can’t petrol increase in volume upon being consumed by my lovely car?

As much as I pride myself on the fact I ATTEMPTED three of the four sciences at A-level, my puny mind cannot get itself round this money-consuming dilemma! Should anyone wish to put forward an explanation (or better still, design a car that can run on Twinings and give me 49% equity in the idea) please feel free.

Plan of action for rest of day;

1) Urinate
2) Drink tea
3) Urinate
4) Plan lessons and mark books
5) Urinate
6) Urinate
7) Urinate

Urinate is such a silly word….

8) Smiley face! 🙂


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