Sit down, Mr Houdini…. This is the great disappearing act!

Lately I’ve been contemplating why things end. Morbid, huh? It seems the hypothetical (yet oh so true) Sod’s law dictates all when considering it’s usually the things we enjoy or like the most that tend to leave our lives.

I guess Guns ‘n’ Roses tried to give us their best efforts in warning us of such pessimistic occurrences in their song ‘November Rain’…. “Nothing lasts forever”. To be fair, the only weather-involved thing I don’t want to continue at the moment is this bloody July rain. It makes me sad(der)!

Speaking of things disappearing, the Ukraine has been ridden with protests lately – and it’s not due to football, surprisingly! Those in charge in the country are contemplating the use of Russian and propose it become an official language. When you notice the scale of the protesting, it’s easy to simply ask: ‘Why?’ But with a language so vast and so powerful as Russian, my guess is that the Ukrainian language would slowly cease to exist – firstly through the government who would use Russian in official documention and in international affairs, then later by the increasing number of monoglot Russian speakers in large eastern parts of the nation.

This caught my eye too! A book entitled ‘El Libro que No Puede Esperar’ – translated into English using my unfortunately simple Spanish skills as ‘The Book that Cannot Wait’ [Gracias to Google Translate for the last two words there :s]. This book has a special type of ink that will fade after just two months! Quick – read this link before it dissappears too! Now as a lover of books – be that in physical or digital form – I can’t say I’m too impressed with this. I’d guess that the only person who would find this useful would be Mr Cruise when acting in Mission:Impossible…. or is 60 days too long? Surely it’s more cost-effective than a pair of shades that self-destruct. These are harsh financial times in which we live, Tom! Readers of my previous rant may agree with me in saying that if Mr Cruise ever chose to enclose the scriptures (or whatever) of his ‘Church of Scientology’ in such a book, we would all be smiling!
Going back to the book, though…. what if you went on holiday without it and didn’t finish it? Or what if you bought it 59 days after its production and the seal was broken? Baffling!

Maybe secret groups are involved attempting to rid the world of languages? ‘LOL’ all you will but we’ve seen the effects in the Ukraine, now they’re destroying Spanish. And as far as Cornish is concerned, they’re getting bilingual signage painted over all because of the bloody Olympics! As American sci-fi novelist of the early 20th century, Ray Bradbury said:

“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

Well said, Sir – as much as the concept pains me. Anyway, I’d like to dissappear myself in a moment, but before I do I’d like to leave you with another quotation from Mr Bradbury:

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall”

Isn’t that a lovely way to end a blog? Have a go is my message to both the Ukrainian people as well as to you guys! Although I have just realised that my usual rant-ridden blogging is slowly disappearing and becoming much happier these days :s.

Happy and smiley face 🙂


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