Cheers laa!

Growing up I never asked for much. Don’t get me wrong, I never went without necessities or materialistic objects that most of the Western world take for granted, but I was never the one with the latest fashion or up-to-date technology for example. My after-school hours were not spent in front of a games console (which, according to my nain, made my eyes go square), but out in the fields and hills – with a regular terminus being falling from a great height onto my a**e.
Now I’m not going to plead poverty and say that I was brought up in slum-like conditions in the heartlands of Africa or India – in fact, my situation was rather favourable in that I was brought up on a council estate in North East Wales, I took full advantage of the free-school-meals offer and had a wonderful family around me. I guess I’ve always enjoyed the simpler things in life. Need proof?

Recently, a regular (and therefore insane) reader of my blogging informed me she had “cheated” on my irregular [as in both topics and production time] moans and reading other peoples’ blogs. How dare she, I hear you implore! Well, no! I’m over it! And in the true instance of ‘playing fair,’ I’ve chosen to reveal to her, and therefore everyone else, the extent at which people all over the globe are succumbing to the ever-popular insanity that is reading my blogs! Check this out!


As a side note, it took England (under the banner of the ‘United Kingdom’) around 400 years to plunder and wipe out largely helpless civilisations across the globe – around 25% of it, to be precise. Yet it has taken me a mere 6 months to command a far superior chunk of the planet. Check out the following picture from Wikipedia showing Britain’s pitiful attempt at world domination…. Got ntn’ on me!


The sun never sets on a computer screen, I guess! (Whoop – history joke!) Not quite a small sausage factory in Tanganyika huh, Blackadder fans? I am, however, still waiting on the likes of Brazil, Denmark and Turkey to pull their fingers out though. I’ve given up on China and North Korea. They must just not be able to read my posts for some reason??

But whatever the reasons behind people’s reading, my stats page enlightens me that my blogging has enjoyed more than 1,700 hits since their inception which truly is an outstanding thing to get one’s head around. So whether you often ‘cheat’ on my blogs with other readers’ works, or you’re only reading this because it’s been posted on my Facebook wall countless times and you just felt that it would be ‘courteous and polite’ to have a read – THANK YOU. I honestly, and you can quote me on this; really mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Di 🙂 lch yn fawr!


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