Now, without tooting one’s own trumpet (as it were :s), I think my blogs have brought at least a slight smile to even the most hardened of faces…. Or so I’m told.

I guess, however much I’m probably wrong, I’m due a little return on my happiness-giving…. Right?

My problem, if it is a problem, involves frustration. I guess blogging is the only way I may voice my dilemmas. Ready?

Recently I’ve experienced euphoria. I guess this stems from a number of sources. Much like the tricking sources of rivers that manifest into gorgeous waterfalls that my eyes have had the pleasure of witnessing lately in, pretty much, my own back yard. Damn, Ffrith is gorgeous!
My first year of teaching is terminating in a blinding light at the end of a year-long tunnel, my finances seem stable for the first time in my life and friends and family are just as supportive of me as they always have been. And I guess I must mention new friends, who have changed my life in indescribable and incredible ways.

My frustration arises from the fact that things change. There are times in everyone’s lives where things happen which, with hindsight, we may not look back on with the proudest of eyes. But what can one do? The past holds obstacles one may never truly bury. I understand this, honestly I do – more than ever.

My long-awaited question is as follows…. Can a hatchet ever truly be buried? One which, however regretful and mildly painful, restrains my life to the point where it genuinely will now never be the same again. It’s not like this restraint has never been felt by thousands of other people in their pasts either….

To those who are even remotely following my dilemma, advice would be FANTASTIC!

I hope I may be allowed, in this case and for the first time, to end my blog without a smiley face….


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