Disgrace from Behind the Counter

Ok so I’m not the biggest fan of religion. Neither am I prepared for religious debate as it’s far too early for that…. Guess I’m still a student at heart. I’ve also, to be fair, pretty much outlined my feelings towards religious debates in various other blogs which have contributed to a staggering 14%* of the world’s boredom in the last 6 months.

*Statistics may have been plucked from thin air…. or from genuine, disheartening statistics that I found using my Twitter page (@SteCymru14)!

I do, however, believe in the morals that various religions teach us. Not the ones like it’s best to kill off opposition to your ‘deitic’ views or the fact there are potential life-threatening punishments ready and waiting for rape victims and for children who say naughty words to their parents, but the ones which hold community values and belief in a common good at their core.

I like to think, however tenuous my grasp on even the simplest of religious concepts, that I am a decent enough person. I have been brought up morally and without restraint to do what I wanted to do.
As a teacher, morals are important to transfer to the students / learners / pupils (or whatever they’re calling them this year!) and I like to think I do this. As well as this, many a religion teaches us to treat our ‘neighbour’ (in the obvious metaphorical sense of the word) how we ourselves would wish to be treated. I’m a big fan of this too.

So why is it that when I grace various areas of either employment or enjoyment (not that the two can’t be the same, of course) I am ill-treated? Let’s say, for example, a local shop! Maybe a shop local to my place of work. I don’t know…. Wherever!

But still I am hurt and bullied into submission. Morally, you people disgust me….

And no way am I shopping there anymore…. I’m going to that Christian shop round the corner! Bet they don’t mind helping when you have to spend £5 for card use! 🙂


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