Stop moaning!

When I’m unhappy for whatever reason, I blog about it! That’s my release, I suppose. My brother may well choose another means of expressing his discomfort or misfortune but I go for blogging.

I guess this is a moral lesson where I hope that others read this and stop complaining via social networking sites such as Facebook and have a go at blogging themselves. You know who you are! 😀

Anyway, in the true sense of today’s moral lesson I’ve decided to extend my confusion and disappointment once again to my readers. This one involves languages and linguistics, by the way. Bear with!

Has anyone ever pulled their cat’s ears back? It is actually hilarious! They look like squirrels! Try it, even if that means leaving this blog, finding a stray and pulling its ears back. Not all the way as to hurt it, of course – see picture below! Almost as funny as ‘breading,’ huh?


This does have a point!
As I was placing a picture (yes I did photograph my kitty in his ‘squirrellous’ pose) on Twitter, I felt the need to include translations of the words for ‘squirrel’ in various Celtic languages…. Doing my bit, and all that!

Looking through Wikipedia’s translations (because I can’t be bothered retrieving my dictionaries which sit a mere 2 meters away from me) in order to encourage these ‘struggling’ languages into the public domain, I found a Breton (Brezhoneg) translation for squirrel as ‘sciurinae.’ Why not just use ‘gwiñver?’

It was too early for my tired mind to question this at the time so I went ahead and posted- only to later realise that this was merely the Latin term.

My point is that Breton Wikipedia are cheats. Merely making a wiki page (using other languages where necessary) in order to boost their pages count. At the moment, Breton boasts the most translations of wiki pages of all the Celtic languages. Welsh, as a side note, boasts around four-times as many actual speakers than Breton….

While we’re on the subject of stealing Latin terms for the benefit of boasting, shouldn’t ‘Wikipedia’ be spelled ‘Wikipædia?’ No, because the Americans are always right, of course :D!

There we are, I don’t half feel better for sharing that with the you, the unsuspecting world. And so would YOU if you shared your hardship and complaining for blogs and not pestering through Facebook 😉

Now then, I seem to have left my smiley face in the shop….

Ooops, no. Here it is! 🙂


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