She is….

A place forgotten. A patch seldom touched. A land deserted.

Only the most fortunate of eyes may feast on the beauty that I have seen today. Only the luckiest of ears can listen to the whispers of thunderous rivers, and hear the crashes of meandering streams. The blood-tainted rock, the copper-licked stone. The crunch of giant trees beneath my blistered toes. The sunlight pours as torrential rain.



Today I took a harmless stroll into a wilderness behind my house. In truth, she was not harmless. In honesty, she became more than a stroll. In fact, she was greater than a wilderness. In the space of just a few hours, I was a guest; treated to, what can only be described in her native tongue as, harddwch a phrydferthwch.

The best of three counties (Sir y Fflint, Dinbych and Wrecsam) rolled into a beauty once remembered as Clwyd – the gateway [to natural vanity]. She knows she is nature’s pin-up, yet she is still greener than the envy contained in bustling cities. She wakes up the dawn and puts dusk to bed. If mountains could move, Moel Famau would visit her too – but instead that stationary monster remains teased for an eternity. Merseyside, Cheshire and Shropshire weep in their place.


From fossils to Romans. From halls to invaders. None have tamed. Only tampered with, gaining no purchase. Activity is swallowed by her hunger. She epitomises nature in her truest form; contained, but never conquered. Her obstacles are play-things for men. She invites herself into imagination. She is your guest, but is as good a host as they come.


This place needs not sell herself…. and I’m most certainly not here to sell the place to you. I don’t need to. And as much as our photographs struggle to contain the peaceful riot that she was and is, she flogs herself unintentionally. And how could I contemplate her sale anyway? She has no price. She is worthlessly priceless!

But how dare I put her into words. How dare I write her description. How dare I explain her awesome taste. Who am I? I am but humbled…. because she told me to be. She is my drug and I’m ecstatically addicted.

She is…. perfection.

She is…. the Ffrith….


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