Begging for blogs gets you nowhere…. But it does make me write more!!

As mentioned in my first blog, I genuinely have no idea what I am ‘meant’ to write about here? Although I did once hear that this can be utilised as a form of diary….

As my Facebook friends well know, my recent search for an inspirational muse for use in gaining ideas for my ranting has gone largely un-noticed and has brought me nothing but an argument on defining whether teaching is a real job or not! Don’t ask!

So in light of my inspiration-lacking ideology of late, I’ve chosen to delve into the realms of potential kill-yourself boredom to inform of how I’ve been spending my time off from my not-so-real job. Are we sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m living a lie! I have been claiming to be getting fitter by undertaking and partaking in various (and sometimes) sweaty activities.

Ok so I’ve just realised how innuendo-ridden that sounds! Anyhow….

I’ve taken up walking! With the help (not that I needed ‘help’ per se in doing something I’ve been confident enough to do since I was around 18 months old!) of friends and fellow residents of the Ffrith, I’ve seen the very best of hidden beauties that Nant-y-ffrith, Llanfynydd, Bwlchgwyn, Llangollen , Aberystwyth and Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant have to offer. Creepy caves, open valleys, quiet rivers and breath-taking waterfalls…. I truly hope the below images do these places justice.

Delwedd Castell Dinas Brân, Llangollen

Delwedd Lagŵn Glas, Bwlch-yr-oernant, Llangollen

Delwedd Afon Llugwy, Betws-y-coed

Delwedd Llanfynydd, Sir y Fflint

Delwedd Ogof Taranllyd (Thunder Cave), Nant-y-ffrith

Delwedd Bryn Celli Ddu, Ynys Môn

Delwedd Pistyll Rhaeadr, Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant

I have also managed to pluck up enough confidence to sing in public…. And I don’t just mean karaoke! Although I did require alcohol…. Obv’!

I was asked by a young lady in the village whether a friend and I would grace her 18th birthday party with our musical ‘prowess’…. I of course agreed and then proceeded to spend the next 3 weeks doing the following; Wondering what the hell she must have been thinking, worrying that my new-found confidence would desert me and whether sitting around looking at my guitar is classed as practicing.

Yet despite pessimism gripping any shreds of confidence by the throat, we played…. and I like to think the awesome reviews were well deserved!


In keeping with my poor excuses for keeping fit, said guitar-friend and I have also been swimming.

Now from a self-confessed aqua-man, the prospect of a few lengths at my local leisure centres were not met with complete worry and fear from my part. However…. I was not informed how bloody difficult swimming is after a prolonged absence from the pastime stemming back some 10 years!

Having said that and having worked on various breathing techniques, I have once again fallen in love with swimming back-and-to in water more times than a dying fairground fish.

I even bought goggles!

Looking forward to the rest of my time off, I guess I’ll just be finishing off more work that needs completing before the new academic year, showing more people these random places, sleeping every afternoon because reading makes my eyes heavy, and spending some time down in Kernow (Cornwall) for the first time in my life! Can’t go wrong! Proper job etc!

These past few weeks have shaved years off me. Once again I feel much like a youngster. Care-free.

I have, and still continue to, use the time gained from not teaching 11-16 year olds to actually act like an 11-16 year old…. who can also drive to random places of no surfaced interest!

So I fully intend to keep enjoying my holiday as I have been…. far outweighing any negativity that has arisen over the past few weeks. Negativity that I have learnt doesn’t matter. Negativity that cannot come close to feeling the spray of a waterfall, or witness tiny space-rocks piercing the Earth’s atmosphere through a long-exposure camera. Even negativity from the odd reader or two who claim writing about landscapes is slightly feminine!

Delwedd Delwedd

Smiley face :)…. Have you missed me?


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