This year, I was supporting Lesotho and Denmark!

The Lesotho Olympic team visited my school last month as they’re training in the area and we have a link-school out there. Awesome, huh? Probably not now you’ve realised this blog is about the bloody Olympics.

How about the Jamaicans sweeping up in the short-distance running events to celebrate half a century of British-free independence, huh? Wonderful stuff….


I’m kidding. That’s not what this blog is about. I mean, seriously? Me? Writing about Olympic happiness? Get a grip! A few hours ago I posted the following picture on both Twitter and Facebook…. As ya’ do!


I also attached the following caption;

This picture (from Wikipædia – therefore it must be true!) depicts the only places in these North Sea isles that should have been represented by Team GB. I’m just saying!

Now without wanting to engage in apparently-vacuous Olympic debate and whether or not, should I ever get the chance, I would represent the Independent Olympic Association and compete under the Olympic banner (I would, by the way…. Even given however much funding I’d lose to not increase Conservative/Labour propaganda and compete for the UK anyway!), I’d like to point out by using the name Team GB, people forget their past. As the image above depicts, the Britons hail from only the most extreme westerly points in these North Sea isles (as of around the seventh century, they did anyway)!

It’s been weird, yet pretty much expected, to see the media idolise what it means to be ‘British’ as well as Facebook and Twitter users vomiting the bol***ks that it is. Yet alas, I must admit I have too. Well, I’ve been posting tweets involving my views on ‘our’ representatives in the games and ‘hashtagging’ #BBC2012, #London2012 and #Olympics. You should so try it. Your disgusting views get into mainstream viewing much easier. Even if your tweet says ‘Hi, World. How are you today?’ or something creepy like that…. just hashtag #JustinBieber and the world involuntary reads your sh*te in an instant!

And what’s with GB & NI? Just let the northerners compete as Éire…. #YouKnowItMakesSense!

My final thought is in fact a positive one. Going on the senseless cr*p this blog generates, Britain (as depicted in Team GB) should only historically represent the lands in grey on the above image. But we don’t live in the historical past – we live in the here and now. And that’s bold coming from a Welshman. So when we preserve the name ‘Britain’ to represent the entirety of these isles added to the fact we know from datum that the true Britons are us westerners…. is it sound to say that technically we’ve now won this land back from the Saxons, Angles and Jutes? Can we presume that after centuries of Danish, German and French invasion, Britain is governed officially by its Celtic name and peoples?

Oh, and even though I wish Ireland would compete as an independent and whole nation, they bloody plundered us long before those other European monsters did. I pull my tongue out at you, silly Irish. Even the Welsh name for your language (Gwyddeleg) means ‘wild people’s tongue/language!’ You smell!

Smiley, lucky face 🙂


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