All you need is TeamGB! (Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and DON’T BLINK!)


It may interest you to know that London does not share the incredulous talents of Doctor Who’s lead man. By this concerning opening sentence I refer to the fact that the Doctor has the ability to stop time and work his timey-wimey magic-hands in far off places that are, on the front of it, completely disconcerning to ourselves.

Now I’m fully aware, as cool as it would be, that no such Time Lord exists and it is science fiction (at, in my view, its greatest). I would now like to make you guys aware as to why I have compared this rogue man’s talents to the English capital city.
But before I continue, and in the true sense of my discussions, I must explain that despite not following the red, white and blue, the Olympic and Paralympic games of 2012 were (and currently still are) fantastic. What a summer of sport, huh? Basically, this blog bears no interest on competitiors, organisers, volunteers nor spectators. Free will and all that!
I would however like to point out some things going on in the world that some of you avid viewers may have missed. So is the magic of the games….

Syria has endured its bloodiest month since conflicts began. According to reports by the pro-rebel Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, August has seen more than 5,000 deaths bringing the total number of human loss to above 20,000 people.
A tropical storm named Isaac, already claiming the lives of 24 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, is threatening to strike the eastern coast of the mainland Americas soon. Multiple warnings have been set and a state of emergency issued by Obama, the U.S. president. The 205mph winds threaten to starve people of basic amenities and have the power to destroy generations of livelihood in worrying towns and cities.
Owing to an opposition backlash following the killing of a radical Islamic preacher, police and protesters fought running battles into a second day in Kenya’s second-largest city of Mombasa. Several people have been hospitalised with seven injured in a grenade attack.
A typhoon has hit South Korea killing up to eight innocent fishermen going about their daily lives and jobs.
Peace talks in Colombia between rebels and officials continue after bloodshed in the South American nation.
An outbreak of cholera hits a refugee camp in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo a few weeks ago leaving thousands with no choice but to flee the fighting between M23 rebels and government troops.
Two earthquakes, with the strongest measuring a magnitude 6.4 on the Richter scale, strike the northwestern Iranian cities of Tabriz and Ahar. Killing at least 250 people, it is believed that nearly 2,000 more are injured.
The newly-built Yangmingtan Bridge in Harbin City, China managed to endure only a short life as it collapses killing three and injuring five people.

Enjoy the games. Go TeamGB!

Ooooh, did anyone see Doctor Who by the way? Fantastic!

Smiley, sarcastic face 🙂


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