What have kittens got to do with the price of Polos?

Followers of my Twitter account or unfortunate people who call themselves my Facebook friends will know full well that within the next fortnight I’ll have a kitten that, for the first time in my life, I get to call truly my own!


Yet it wasn’t this wonderful fact that spurred the topic of the following paragraph….

Whilst in university, my mother gained another little friend who now goes by the name of Sam.


When I all-too-regularly phoned home after this point, my dear mother would ask Sam to say hello. You should have seen my face when a dampened ‘meow’ trickled its way into my homesick ear!
I remember meeting Sam as a kitten. Carefully looked after by both my mam and her other older cat, Arian.
I guess not being around him all the time meant that I didn’t see him grow up. Each time I went home he would look infinitely bigger than the last time he graced my presence. Kind of sad really 😦

Anywho, it was looking around my local Spar that the inspiration for this particular blogging question arose.

I love polos! Whether kidding myself that one or two freshen my breath, if heart burn comes along, or simply if I’m a little peckish…. Over the last few months I’ve spent more money on the mints with holes than I have on ‘normal’ food stuffs.
When looking for the minty treats to feed my new-found addiction I stumbled across all the other tasty pleasures I used to buy before I realised that swimming would count for nothing if I carried on eating Turkish Delights, Galaxy Ripples and Kit Kats every day. Despite this, I felt it required to check their prices these days.

Now I’m fully aware of the nightmare that is inflation…. But bloody hell! How much have they gone up?
I remember when Turkish Delight was the right side of 40p…. Now you’re lucky if you can spend less than 80!
Again, I guess not seeing their slowly rising costs each time I went into my favourite shop means that when I finally do buy (or at least look at them), I receive one hell of a shock!

That’s what kittens have got to do with the price of Polos.

Smiley (and slightly minty) face 🙂


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